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3 changes that made all the difference this winter


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — July 15, 2012


During the recent Beauty Swatch 3rd Anniversary giveaway, a reader kindly reminded me that my skincare posts were sorely missed.   The truth behind why it’s taken me this long to write another one up is because I’ve been experimenting with a new skincare routine.

And after much trial & error, I think I may have hit the jackpot.

Here’s 3 changes to my routine that have made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Turn to cream/gel hydrating masks for best results

As much as I love the sensation that Facial Cloth Mask gives, I find them to be “quick fixes” only especially in winter time.   To help my skin survive dehydration, I alternate between Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask (RRP: $61.50 AUD) and Clarins Hydra Quench Mask (RRP: $62 AUD).  Dermalogica’s is a clear gel formula that’s deceptively simple in appearance, but is actually really calming and provides long lasting hydration that lasts for  days.  Clarins’ is a creamy texture that softens and soothes, calming any irritation that may have been brought about by dehydration.  If I’m short of time, I use Uriage Aqua Precis Moisturizing Express Mask* (RRP: $39.95 AUD)it’s fast acting and only needs 5 minutes, perfect for a boost before heading out the door.

Winter conditions calls for potent measures

Lately, I owe my skin to Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Creme & Night Serum (RRP: $1,350 AUD), made with their highest concentration of the precious & rarest collagen-boosting and skin renewing ingredients.  The serum is like a fine oil that absorbs instantly without any residue, and whenever I apply it overnight, the next morning my skin always looks plump,  fine lines softened and out of sight, and well slept like it’s forever on holiday.  As for the Face Creme, I am hopelessly hooked on it as it’s been the ONLY product that keeps my skin hydrated, soft and resilient to air conditioning and the winter snap.   The creams I used last year are no longer hydrating enough for me, so I’m freaking out about hitting pan on this product.

Get your glow on with cream foundation paired with illuminating primer

Lately BB cream hasn’t been working well on my skin – sheer formulas do little to protect moisture loss & moisturising formulas still end up looking blotchy by the afternoon, even though skin still feels hydrated.  I’ve since switched to SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation* – not because I need the coverage, but because it does an amazing job at keeping the skin looking flawless, like real skin, soft and dewy.   I’m shade #002 – the perfect match I have been searching for my whole life.  For extra glow, I pair it with ESTEE LAUDER Illuminating Skin Perfecting Primer (RRP: $48 AUD) which smooths fine lines & gives skin a “lit from within” glow. Even after a long day at work, my skin still looks amaze-balls with this combo.

What’s your secret to looking flawless in winter? Any rec’s for a more affordable yet potent day cream?

*Products marked with an asterisk were purchased by me.  All other products were provided for consideration.

6 Responses to “3 changes that made all the difference this winter”

  1. ★ Cookiie says:

    Those are three very interesting masks! I’ve been looking for a HG moisturizing mask so this post is very helpful, thanks! 🙂

  2. Beauty Box says:

    Did I read that right? The Estee Lauder night serum is over AUD1000? It sounds like it works like magic whatever its price….

    As for beating the winter dryness, I always rely on oils like vitamin E blends (i.e. with vit E as the main oil, it also has a mix of almond, avocado, jojoba etc) as nighttime moisturizers and a hydrating cream like Hada Labo es Cream for daytime, on top of a moisturizing sunscreen (ie. no alcohol).

  3. Denise says:

    ahh that Estee Lauder primer sounds so good! it sounds something similar to Mac’s strobe cream.

    and a cream foundation is my make-up dream! I hope one day I can afford one (Laura Mercier makes one too) because they’re usually so expensive. do you have a recommendation for a nice moisturizing foundation for normal/dry skin? I can’t seem to find one that’s affordable and really keeps skin moisturized. nice post!

    • Yishan says:

      Hi Denise, MAC’s strobe cream is more illuminating than EL’s one. My favourite moisturising foundation for dry skin is SUQQU – unfortunately it’s very expensive. I don’t have any rec’s for drug store since the shades don’t match me, but Revlon’s BB cream (sold in Asia) is the most moisturising BB Cream I’ve come across to date.

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