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Beauty Swatch featured on SModa El Pais (Spain)


IN THE SPOTLIGHT, press | by — February 19, 2012

Beauty Swatch was featured on SModa in December ’11, a beauty & fashion magazine with El Pais, one of the leading newspapers in Spain.  I was interviewed together with Temptalia.  I’m not sure if the article was printed in the mag itself, but it’s certainly on their website.

p.s.  I wonder whose un-watermarked image was used in this article… For the record it wasn’t from the selection I provided.

Click here for the link to the full article.

3 Responses to “Beauty Swatch featured on SModa El Pais (Spain)”

  1. Marianthi says:

    Congratulations! I like your blog and it is good to see it acknowledged more. Keep it up!
    (ps the image does not appear to be clickable to me)

  2. Gabriela says:

    I was interviewed in the same article 😉

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