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When life gives you lemons, sometimes a little beauty therapy helps


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — September 7, 2013


I don’t know about you, but lately so many people around me (including myself) have had a rough patch this year, be it their personal lives, work, health or “all of the above”.  Everyone copes differently when they fray at the edges, and whilst we like to think it helps to put on a brave face, there is only so long before it becomes too much and our raw emotions take over and erupts into water works.

I recently went through an episode myself, which is a rare sight as my optometrist rightly once pointed out that I don’t produce enough tears.   When I escaped to fix my makeup in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to see that MOST OF MY MAKEUP HADN’T MOVED.  I say most, because there was only slight smudging on my left eye which is generally the first to smudge due to it’s slanted shape.

My eyeliner was still deep black

I purchased my very first Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliners last month and I’m afraid that now that I’ve tried Noir Intense, there is no going back to any other black eyeliner pencils. It glides smoothly, gives intense black definition and has proven to last through water works.  As part of my daily eye makeup routine, I layer this pencil liner underneath my staple liquid eyeliner – K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner which worked together in keeping the overall effect intense black.

CHANEL Long Lasting Eyeliner - Noir Intense & Taupe 1

Below are the swatches of Noir Intense & Taupe.  I was warned about the rugged texture of certain shades of Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliners, and I’m afraid that was the case for Taupe.  I bought it because I thought it’d be a lovely shade for defining the lower lashline but it isn’t as smooth as Noir Intense, and it’s not as easy to get a good colour payoff especially on a watery eyeline.

Taupe & Noir Intense

My cream shadow did not budge

The second thing I noticed in the mirror was how well my shimmery cream shadow that was Diorshow Fushion Mono in “Adventure“, stayed gracefully in place, when I could have sworn I was wiping my tears away frantically without regard for my makeup.  The shimmers and pigment were still there, and the placement was exactly as I had blended it since the morning with absolutely no patchiness. Shimmery graphite may seem like a risky shade to wear but the sponge applicator helps with precise application & blending is a breeze provided you use fingers (brushes are useless).  Since I didn’t  choose this shade I am definitely going back to the Dior counter soon to check out the other neutral shades in preparation for Spring when my eyes are most watery due to hayfever allergies.

Diorshow Fusion Mono 081 Adventure

  I can easily picture myself using Adventure as a long lasting base cream shadow for smokey eye looks.

Diorshow Fusion Mono 081 Adventure

If only desserts didn’t go straight to my waist & thighs..

When we’re feeling flat, it’s easy to fall into the trap of gorging one’s self in comfort food, desserts and all, much to the detriment of one’s waist line and thighs.  If you like the idea of a dessert-like sensory experience minus the calories (that are impossible to burn once you’re over 30),  may I suggest Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Wash.  It smells like a deliciously sweet but citrus dessert, lifts your mood and takes your mind off things.  Best of all – it’s SLS-free.   There’s also a Body Butter & Scrub in the same range, which I will review separately in due course.

A pretty blush for a “pick me up”

To cheer myself up from a miserable flu that lasted 2 weeks, I picked up Diorblush in “Happy Cherry” 876  which instantly gave my sickly complexion an instant pick-me-up glow.  I bought it within seconds.

Diorblush Happy Cherry 876

It’s the perfect hybrid of pink and apricot that’s perfect for people like me that don’t look in pure pinks or pure apricots.  It’s my go-to “pick me up” shade that has attracted comments from many already.

Whilst a pretty blush can’t cure the flu, beauty products do help me feel better about myself and momentarily distract me from the problem itself.  Such as paying more attention to how amazing my eyeliner & cream shadow lasted through water works, deciding that it would make an excellent blog post and drafting the post in my head on the way home instead of dwelling on the issue.

Do you indulge in a little beauty therapy to lift your mood?

What are your favourite “pick me up” products?


The Diorshow Fusion Mono and Soap & Glory Body Wash were provided for consideration.  All other products were purchased by me.

6 Responses to “When life gives you lemons, sometimes a little beauty therapy helps”

  1. Danielle says:

    I know exactly what you mean about retail therapy! It always makes me feel better to get a new “pretty” when I’ve had a poor day or a lousy week. That blush is super gorgeous! Now I think I need it!

  2. Chloe says:

    I really really loved this post! This past year has not been kind to me at all but little things like beauty therapy really did help pick me up.
    The chanel eyeliner sounds like everything you would want in an eyeliner! Also that blush is perfect for spring

    à la foliee

  3. Beauty Box says:

    A little beauty therapy def helps me when I’ve had an awful week. I’m impressed by the eyeliner and the cream shadow – I will have to check them out! As for foodie body products – yes they do help to melt away some of the bitterness…I love sweet, gourmand scents in the shower.

  4. Marianthi says:

    They do not call it “therapy” for no reason. I found it very helpful these past two years.
    Still, I do not enter a mall and buy indiscriminately. I do a lot of research and always carry with me a list of items that I want to splurge into. So even when I am on a bad mood I do not buy useless / duplicate items.

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