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BeautySwatch featured on Chatadegalocha.com


press | by — November 26, 2009

Check out BeautySwatch’s feature on Chatadegalocha.com! (and fuz’s lips makes a debut!)

I had no idea what language it was & it took several attempts on Google Translator to figure out it was Portugese!

Unedited Google’s Translation of the article (Portugese to English)

Shopping the Internet is addictive, especially for products we can find much more into account, right? But we do not have to test to see how the color is the skin of real people (no photoshop!) And this may result in a batonzinho left out, forgotten a shadow in the drawer …

Then we try Swatches of products, ie, a picture that a kind soul posted using the product! Just so we can see and have more security on the purchase, a friend of the same thing that a lot of girls do without asking anything in return!

And then these days I found the Beauty Swatch, web-only swatches! All organized by brand, to make = D Another site with the same intention, but this time here in terrinha who is the Swatches Makeup (mandatory stop before buying MAC shadows!), Which has a moooonte collaborations! Everything to not let the fellow shopaholics frustrated when opening the packets!

2 Responses to “BeautySwatch featured on Chatadegalocha.com”

  1. PatrĂ­cia says:

    Hi! Yes it's portuguese! I'm from Brazil as Chata de Galocha is, and I discovered your blog by reading her blog!
    Anyway if you ever need a portuguese to english translation you can call me! =D
    bye bye and congratulations on the amazing blog!

  2. Chata de Galocha says:

    Hi girls! I`m happy to see you enjoyed being featured on my blog! I love what you guys do here, it sure helps lots of girls while shopping online! Keep up the good work! (The translation is just so funny!! But I think you get the main idea, right?).

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