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BENEFIT Ultra Shine Lipgloss – Foxy Lady, Dancing Queen, Wild Child

Brand: Benefit
Range: Ultra Shine Lipgloss
Shades: Foxy Lady, Dancing Queen & Wild Child
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

Hello readers! I receive many press releases, but I find it a whole lot more meaningful when I actually get to SHOW you the product with it! Benefit was very kind to offer me samples of this new release gloss, and as much as I wanted all of them, I was a good swatcher (& believer of karma) and chose the 3 shades that I thought you would find hardest to decide just by looking online or at the names.

Available from 5 June 2010:

  • Ultra shiny, sexy glosses in 5 shades
  • Foxy Lady (diamond rose)
  • Back To The Fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia)
  • Wild Child (glimmering amethyst)
  • Spiked Punch (juicy coral)
  • Dancing Queen (watermelon pink)
Shade names of the products below are listed above from left to right
I figured the Fuschia & Coral shades were easiest to imagine from the names so I didn’t request samples (sorry)

So here are the three shades I picked to show you:
Foxy Lady (diamond rose), Dancing Queen (watermelon pink), Wild Child (glimmering amethyst)

Foxy Lady (diamond rose)
Rose shade with sparkling pink & blue shimmers
Dancing Queen (watermelon pink)
This is louder than pink but softer than fuchsia
Not much shimmers, but smoothing.
Wild Child (glimmering amethyst)
Purple / Lilac gloss with frosty shimmers
This is a safe yet eye-catching shade that shows you’ve graduated from pink lips & ready to embrace purple in a sophisticated way.

My thoughts on the gloss texture, scent etc (you know, the stuff that matters once it’s on your lips..)

  • Fruity taste, and makes lips plump & sexy (if I may say so myself)
  • Non-sticky and not overly thick, yet able to achieve that smoothing ultra-gloss finish
  • The shimmers are fine & sophisticated
  • Similar to Dior’s Ultra Gloss range, but more affordable
  • Comes with a very small brush wand, so you have better control when applying (a little goes a long way)

RRP: $34 AUD
Available at: Benefit counters from 5 June 2010

This was sent to me for my review.

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