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Best Long Lasting Eyeliners


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — December 15, 2012


Eyeliner is as essential to my beauty routine as underwear – my face is simply not complete without it.   Whilst my eyelids are no longer oily, they are still slippery due to the eye creams and creamy concealers I apply around the area.  I’m not completely immune to smudging as I have a slanted eye shape that makes even the most durable eyeliner succumb to smudging at the corners.  However for the most part, these eyeliner pencils will stay put all day especially if you set it with powder shadow.  Here are 3 of my favourite pencil eyeliners that won’t budge (unless you have slanted eyes like mine). The 4th one is recommended by another blogger that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil 

I’m currently wearing Mahogany, a rich brown that’s so pigmented that it looks like brown-black.   If I set it with a dark brown eyeshadow, it stays put the whole day. The texture is what you’d imagine a “gel liner” in a pencil form to be like, thanks to the special polymers that melt at skin temperature breaking into a fluid line upon application.  Creamy but not overly so, and a delight to smudge. Available in 6 shades – Jet, Mahogany, Black Navy, Black Plum, Hunter and Smoke.  Next on my wish list to try is Black Plum – a rich eggplant shade.   RRP: $46 AUD

2Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense

Incredibly creamy smooth, and glides effortless without tugging your eyelids, making it perfect for touch ups.  It’s water-resistant (perfect for hayfever sufferers) and also doesn’t fade.  Because it’s so creamy it doesn’t draw a perfectly straight line, and looks best smudged to create a hazy finish. It comes as a wind-up pencil, and unfortunately I got curious one day to find out how much of my pencil was left, only to find I couldn’t wind it back down.  Please don’t repeat my mistake.  The shade I tried is Intense Plum, a gorgeous deep purple that makes slightly more vibrant than regular black / brown.  RRP: $34 AUD available in 6 limited edition shades.

3. Benefit BADgal Liner Waterproof 

This was the least creamy pencil of the previous pencils, but glides just as well.   The smudge tip on the other end makes blending a breeze, and because it’s closer to a regular pencil formula it’s easier to define a crisp eyeline when sharpened. RRP: $39 AUD available in 3 shades – Charcoal, Espresso & Black.

4. THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils

After reading rave review by Reika (Front Row Beauty) that these are the silkiest eyeliners ever that don’t budge even when she attempted to scrub it off – I knew I had to have it.   True to her word, they glide extremely silky – like silk fabric swept over your eye lids.  For best results, I still find the need to set my lids with eyelid primer and set the pencil with eyeshadow for an eye line that stays true to colour even after 12 hours in summer.   Available in 8 shades, I purchased #08, a misty black.  My only gripe is that #08 is not intense black enough for my taste, so I finish off with liquid liner for that intense black liquid line that I need to “wake up” my eyes.  It retails for 3150 Japanese Yen or marked up at 4350 Yen if you order online from ichibanko.  Thanks Tine for helping me purchase this on your holiday!


Here’s a tip or three I use to prevent eyeliner from smudging.

  • Once all your base makeup and concealer is applied, finish with a spritz of Skindinavia to set it without needing powder.  As my skin is too dehydrated for powder, I use the “1o Years Younger” formula.
  • Apply an eyelid shadow before applying eyeliner pencil, and avoid drawing thick lines, focusing it on the lash line.
  • Use a smudge-proof dark eyeshadow to blend the eyeliner pencil & create your desired eye line.

What are your favourite long lasting eyeliner pencils?

The first three eyeliners featured in this post were provided for consideration.

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