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Top 10 Lippies of 2013

Top 10 Lippies of 2013 Beauty Swatch
After tuning into a whole year of lip swatches, I bet you’re wondering which ones are my favourites beneath the objective reviews.  Whilst I do love finding gems in budget brands, there’s nothing like a sophisticated formulas to make me go weak at the knees.  Here are my top favourite lip products that were featured on Beauty Swatch in 2013 in no particular order.  To view last year’s picks, visit my Top 10 Lippies of 2012 post.

1. Burberry Lip Velvet – A soft wearable matte that gives lips a soft focus demure finish.  Great for those that want an everyday matte finish without looking over dressed.

2. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color – Bobbi Brown’s take on the sheer lipstick trend doesn’t compromise on pigment nor longevity.  Blends seamlessly into every crevice of your lips making it almost believable that your lips are naturally in that colour.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure Moire – My favourite shade “Indecisé” is the ultimate sophisticated pearl nude that looks stunning in all angles of lighting.

4. Chantecaille Lip Chic – Hands down the most moisturising lipstick I’ve ever tried that keeps my lips soft all day.  Also the only lipstick I’ve come closest to hitting pan since my blogging.

5. ck one shine lipstick – The translucent yet lip hugging sheer formula makes even the trickiest of colours look flawless with no slippage or settling into lines.

6. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – The ultimate low maintenance lippie in a range of punchy colours that doesn’t require lip balm, lip brush or lip liner whatsoever.

7. Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick – The most comfortable long wearing moisturising lipstick that makes your lips feel like soft fabric.  Shade “Geisha” is my favourite glamour red.

8.  Shiseido Lacquer Rouge – my favourite liquid lipstick that provides creamy moist coverage.  Comes in a range of “my lips but better” and work appropriate shades for a understated polished look.

9. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine – The punchiest sheer lipstick you’ll come across that’s also moisturising.  Runner up in the 2013 Australian Beauty Awards lipstick category.

10. YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick –  The most luxurious matte finish I’ve tried that gives high definition pillowy lips that you typically see in editorials or runways.

What are your favourite lippies of 2013?

CK ONE shine lipstick – 120 rave, 400 rockin – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


CK ONE COLOR, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — June 3, 2013

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Brand: ck one
Range: shine lipstick
Shades: 400 rockin, 120, rave
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

ck one shine lipstick: glossy.  hydrating.  vivid.

  • ck one shine lipstick combines the benefit of a lipgloss, lip balm and a lipstick into one.  It’s pigmented yet has a mild translucence with a glossy finish,
  • Very moisturising & softens parched tired lips into a smooth and firm juicy pout.
  • Available in 12 shades – I got to try rockin (plum) and rave (tea rose).
  • Verdict: Although I do like the ck one lipsticks in general for their price range, the shine lipstick range particularly impressed me, as even the trickiest of colours sit smoothly on my lips without sinking into my lip lines.  Apart from nudes, I often have trouble with tea rose & plum shades as they either emphasise lip creases / flakes or the pigment settles into lip lines.  Despite wearing lip balm underneath, there was absolutely no slippage or pigment settling into lines whatsoever.  Coverage was smooth & even with a translucent and flawless finish. Two thumbs up!


Swatched over a thin layer of Mecca Lip De-luscious SPF 25


RRP: $35 AUD Available in Australia at selected Myer stores.

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CK ONE Dark Matter Collection Lipstick – Velvet & Vinyl – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


CK ONE COLOR, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — March 18, 2013

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Brand: ck One
Range: Dark Matter Collection (limited edition)
Shades: Velvet 320, Vinyl 620
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Taking inspiration from embellished leather and velvet, ck One’s Dark Matter Collection features 2 limited edition lip colours in bold rich finishes.
  • Vinyl is a described as vinyl red (luscious warm red with a gold sheen), and Velvet a dark berry (purply wine).
  • Luminous, saturated colour that glides on silky smooth without drying lips & sets into a satin finish.
  • The packaging is minimalist monochrome – half matte black (similar to Nars packaging) and half glossy white.
  • Verdict: Vinyl applies more smoothly than Velvet, with Velvet showing tendencies to settle into lip lines (a typical problem in dark wine lipsticks).  Vinyl applies beautifully with a gold sheen that would appeal to warm skin tones.  Overall I highly recommend ck One lipsticks for those seeking saturated yet satin finish lipsticks & it’s also quite moderately priced.

RRP: $35 AUD limited edition, available exclusively at Myer (Australia)

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CK ONE COLOR Pure Color Lipstick – Dollface & Bite Me – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


CK ONE COLOR, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — April 23, 2012

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Brand: ck one color
Range: Pure Color Lipstick
Shades: Dollface, Bite Me
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • With over 136 products in the ck one color range, products are defined into 3 unique segments – Look Real, Define Yourself, and Add Intensity instead of the traditional categories of face, eye, lip and nail.
  • Available in 20 shades, Dollface is a rose pink and Bite Me is a fire engine red.
  • Luminous, saturated colour that glides on silky smooth without drying lips.
  • The packaging is half matte black (similar to Nars packaging) and half glossy white.
  • Verdict: I am loving Calvin Klein’s come-back with the improved lipstick formula that’s creamy yet lightweight, with a more moisturising creamy sheen than the original Calvin Klein lipstick formulas (I used to own a deep plum shade in 2001!)  As much as I love monochrome, black/white lipstick packaging doesn’t really pull my heart strings. But for the excellent quality for its price, I have my eye on the rest of the shades – especially the gorgeous fuchsias, nudes, violets and plums.

Click to enlarge lip swatches.

Applied on top of Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm.

RRP: $35 AUD

Available exclusive to the following MYER doors; Melbourne, Chadstone, Sydney City, Bondi, Chatswood, Brisbane and Perth and available online at www.myer.com.au.

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