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FUSION BEAUTY, LIP PLUMPERS, Lips, NC20, Yishan | by — May 28, 2012


Brand: Fusion Beauty
Range: LipFusion XL
Shade: Clear
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Unlike other lip plumpers out there, LipFusion XL is meant to be applied as an overnight to plump your lips gently while your sleep.
  • LipFusion XL combines twice the pure active collagen of LipFusion’s original plumpers with hyaluronic acid, and is designed to work with the body’s natural water and swells the marine collagen-filling spheres 50 times larger.
  • Once applied, lips will swell continually for hours to visibly “fill” lines, boost volume, and keep lips moist.
  • Moderate tingling sensation.
  • Verdict: The plumping effect brought back the natural volume of my lips, which lasted throughout the evening.  By the morning, I have to admit it was hard to tell whether my lips were the same size as the night before, as my lip volume is enhanced naturally when I massage my lips as part of my face washing routine.  Having said that, I believe it does work due to the fact that the plumping effect lasts throughout the day even through meals.  If this is still around 10 years later, I think I will revisit this product again in my 40’s as an alternative to injectables.


This swatch is based on a sample satchet.