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Showdown: Lucas Papaw Ointment vs. Kit MultiPurpose Wonder Balm


KIT COSMETICS, LUCAS, Yishan | by — July 18, 2010

The opponents for today’s showdown are..
Lucas PapawOintment vs. Kit Multipurpose Wonder Balm
  • Price: Lucas (approx $5 AUD), Kit ($22.95 AUD) similar size, both made in Australia.
  • Packaging: Lucas (an icon but old school), Kit (fun and current)
  • Ingredient List: Lucas (Doesn’t disclose, other than fermented pawpaw & potassium sorbate. However it’s generally known to contain petroleum). Kit (certified organic, and discloses a full list of ingredients)
  • Multi-purpose factor: Lucas (claims to be capable of treating and cleansing wounds), Kit (mentions general usage on face, nails and body)

  • Texture (from tube): Lucas (easy to squeeze), Kit (more stiff, but not as hard as pure Lanolin)
  • Texture (on lips): Both melt into lips very well
  • Taste: Lucas (Not its strength. I guess it can only be described as fermented pawpaw?), Kit (has hints of honey and citrus)
  • Ability to rescue chapped lips: Both are better at maintaining / protecting rather than healing.
  • Overnight treatment: Because both absorb so quickly, both don’t leave a protective film that heals lips overnight.
  • Once absorbed: Both soften lips well, but Lucas leaves lips dry, wanting more.
  • Appearance on lips: Similar, see pics below.
Lucas Papaw OintmentKit Multipurpose Wonder Balm


  • Kit Multipurpose Wonder Balm: For those who love sweet-tasting multi-purpose balms, and place an importance in packaging.
  • Lucas Papaw Ointment: An affordable icon, and is economical if you plan to use it for healing wounds and skin irritations. The petroleum content however doesn’t work for everyone’s lips, with mixed reviews on whether it dries lips in the end.
  • Personally: Kit Wonder Balm will go in my dresser as an all-purpose balm rather than as my go-to lip balm as I need stronger long-lasting hydration on my lips that I seem to only get with pure lanolin. Lucas Pawpaw ointment is headed for my First Aid Kit.

The Kit Wonder Balm was sent to me for my review. I purchased Lucas Papaw Ointment from Priceline.