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LUSH Mint Julips


LIP TREATMENTS, Lips, LUSH, Yishan | by — July 3, 2012

Brand: LUSH
Range:  Mint Julips
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Made with castor sugar, peppermint oil, and sweet vanilla extract with added flavours that remind you of mint chocolate chip.
  • The sugary scrub feels a bit coarse, and around half of the sugar particles melt onto lips whilst exfoliating loose flakes.
  • Delectably delish & if you really want, you can even lick it off afterwards.  Personally I still prefer rinsing off as I’m not keen on eating my own lip flakes – even if they taste like mint choc chip.
  • Pros: Effective for removing lip debris that is ready to come off. Lips are left smooth, flushed and slightly plumped (from increased circulation & peppermint oil).
  • Cons: If you have severely chapped lips, this scrub can only do so much and you will still be left with stubborn flakes that won’t budge.  Even when I apply gentle pressure, I find it leaves my lip texture vulnerable & loses its elasticity.
  • Verdict: Exfoliating lips with a scrub is more of a novelty in my personal opinion.  It’s certainly not the only way or most effective way to exfoliate lips. That said, lip scrubs do come in handy if you need a quick “pick me up” to remove light debris from your lips.  I also recommend slathering on lots of lip balm after exfoliation to prevent lips from losing hydration.

Before & After Mint Julips.
Both photos are taken with a layer of Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm.

Lips appear brighter & plumper.  But there is a stubborn chapped part that remained on my bottom lip (my right side).

I purchased this product.

LUSH Lip Service


LIP TREATMENTS, Lips, LUSH, Yishan | by — July 2, 2012

Brand: LUSH
Range:  Lip Service
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Lip Service has been around for more than a decade, popular for its multi-purpose use for lips, heels, toes, cuticles and elbows..
  • Contains moisturizing olive oil, cocoa and shea butters and tangerine oil to name a few (see ingredient list below)
  • The tin is a little hard to open if screwed on too tightly.  One you get to the balm it’s actually quite firm in room temperature (even when it’s 20-ish degrees), which means you have to scoop it out with a cotton bud.  You also need a decent amount to get desired results.
  • It also requires a bit of massaging to melt into lips, but once it’s absorbed the lemon scent is released and lips feel soothed.
  • There are no smoothing or healing properties, making it more suited for daytime maintenance.
  • Verdict: Applying lip balm should be quick and easy,  so the thought of having to go through all this effort doesn’t seem worthwhile, especially when the moisturising properties are moderate.  Not recommended, when I can think of a better balm that’s half the price.

 RRP: $10.95 AUD

I purchased this product.

LUSH Lip Tint – Snow Fairy


LIP TINTS, LUSH, NW15, Stef | by — November 17, 2010


Brand: Lush
Range: Lip Tint
Shade: Snow Fairy
Swatched by the lovely: Stef (Click to read her review!)
What they say…
Bubblegum flavoured lip tint, formulated with Murumuru butter which is rich in oleic acid which provides nutrition and hydration to the skin. It’s also film-forming and naturally glossy. 
Who’s up for Bubblegum flavoured lip tints?