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POP BEAUTY Lip Magnet Primer

Brand: Pop Beauty
Range: Lip Magnet Primer
Swatched by yours truly: akisa
Available at KitCosmetics (Australia), Ulta, PopBeauty (UK)

What I liked:

  • Softens the look of matte, or hard-wearing lipsticks
  • Smooths lip lines
  • Contains Vitamins A and E and Omega oils (natural plumper)

What I didn’t like

  • Leaves a waxy layer on lips
  • I am very prone to dry lips (and I’m not alone) & this didn’t feel moisturising
  • The selling point of this was that matte lipstick stays longer on top of this primer. But for me it didn’t stay on that much longer.
  • Not versatile enough to be used with moisturising or sheer lipsticks (only effective with thick or matte formulas)
It works but didn’t wow me, compared to other lip primers I’ve tried.

PopBeauty, you need to get your hands on competitor lip primers
(like Maquillage Lip Essence & Elizabeth Arden Lip Fix) & make some improvements.
Because I do like the idea of a stick-form lip primer.