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Top 10 Lippies of 2013

Top 10 Lippies of 2013 Beauty Swatch
After tuning into a whole year of lip swatches, I bet you’re wondering which ones are my favourites beneath the objective reviews.  Whilst I do love finding gems in budget brands, there’s nothing like a sophisticated formulas to make me go weak at the knees.  Here are my top favourite lip products that were featured on Beauty Swatch in 2013 in no particular order.  To view last year’s picks, visit my Top 10 Lippies of 2012 post.

1. Burberry Lip Velvet – A soft wearable matte that gives lips a soft focus demure finish.  Great for those that want an everyday matte finish without looking over dressed.

2. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color – Bobbi Brown’s take on the sheer lipstick trend doesn’t compromise on pigment nor longevity.  Blends seamlessly into every crevice of your lips making it almost believable that your lips are naturally in that colour.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure Moire – My favourite shade “Indecisé” is the ultimate sophisticated pearl nude that looks stunning in all angles of lighting.

4. Chantecaille Lip Chic – Hands down the most moisturising lipstick I’ve ever tried that keeps my lips soft all day.  Also the only lipstick I’ve come closest to hitting pan since my blogging.

5. ck one shine lipstick – The translucent yet lip hugging sheer formula makes even the trickiest of colours look flawless with no slippage or settling into lines.

6. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – The ultimate low maintenance lippie in a range of punchy colours that doesn’t require lip balm, lip brush or lip liner whatsoever.

7. Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick – The most comfortable long wearing moisturising lipstick that makes your lips feel like soft fabric.  Shade “Geisha” is my favourite glamour red.

8.  Shiseido Lacquer Rouge – my favourite liquid lipstick that provides creamy moist coverage.  Comes in a range of “my lips but better” and work appropriate shades for a understated polished look.

9. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine – The punchiest sheer lipstick you’ll come across that’s also moisturising.  Runner up in the 2013 Australian Beauty Awards lipstick category.

10. YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick –  The most luxurious matte finish I’ve tried that gives high definition pillowy lips that you typically see in editorials or runways.

What are your favourite lippies of 2013?

SISLEY Nutritive Lip Balm Reviews, Photos, Swatches


LIP TREATMENTS, Lips, NC20, SISLEY, Yishan | by — September 3, 2013

Brand: Sisley
Range: Nutritive Lip Balm
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm is an exceptionally rich and repairing lip balm for cracked, dry and chapped lips.
  • It’s rich in soothing, emollient and protective lipid, and features a combination of oils (hazelnut, plum kernel, sunflower), shea butter and kokum butter to re-hydrate and plump the lips.
  • What’s unique about this lip balm over other rich lip balms is that it forms a protective film against the environment, so that the ingredients can work their magic on your lips beneath.
  • Free of artificial colouring and fragrance.
  • Verdict: To put this balm to the ultimate test, I stopped using my holy grail night time lip balm and used Sisley morning and night continuously for several days.  The protective barrier was impressive as it kept my lips protected all through the night (for me, 99% other lip balms never last the night) on most days, the exception  being when my lips were exceptionally dry or I was dehydrated. As a lip base, it provides long lasting hydration underneath lipstick & adds a little shine too.   But the most impressive results were on chapped lips.  I suffer from them just like anyone else especially during winter, and this lip balm very quickly nursed them back to to health.  The only drawback is that it’s incredibly expensive, especially when I can think of a day and night lip balm that costs a fraction but achieves equally impressive results.  This is definitely one for the lippie connoisseur.

SISLEY Nutritive Lip Balm 1b

RRP: $80 AUD

This product was provided for consideration.

SISLEY Phyto Lip Shine Ultra Shining Lipstick – Sheer Bugundy #6 Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, SISLEY, Yishan | by — July 30, 2013


Brand: Sisley
Range: Phyto Lip Shine Ultra Shining Lipstick
Shade: Sheer Burgundy
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • A sheer glossy treatment lipstick that feels like creamy butter and leaves lips softened, hydrated and comfortable.
  • Contains Kokum and Mango butters to hydrate and protect.
  • The high shine finish is thanks to the film-forming polymeres that help smooth the lip surface, giving the illusion of a contoured plump effect.  Whilst Sugar esters provide the softness, comfort and shine.
  • Sheer Burgundy is a sheerer laid back alternative to regular burgundy lipsticks, with a semi-translucence that makes it low maintenance.
  • Verdict: This lipstick formula will appeal to those that like a lip balm & lipstick all in one with a laid back finish .  For fairer skin tones like mine, Sheer Burgundy is a softer take on the autumn burgundy lip.  However on darker skin or pigmented lip tones this makes a great everyday neutral shade for adding warmth to the lips.

RRP: $50 AUD available in Australia at selected David Jones stores.

This product was provided for consideration

SISLEY Hyrdrating Long Lasting Lipstick – Geisha Red L25 Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, SISLEY, Yishan | by — July 29, 2013


Brand: Sisley 希思黎
Range: Hyrdrating Long Lasting Lipstick
Shade: Geisha Red L25
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • A long lasting, high coverage lipstick with a comfortable satin texture that makes your lips feel like soft fabric.
  • Non-drying and keeps lips protected all day long with calendula (softens), Vitamin C and E.
  • Extremely transfer resistant – there was no lipstick stain on my coffee cup!!
  • The bevelled bullet helps to give clean precise definition along your lip line, but I still like using a lip brush to fill in the lip creases as the lipstick has such a high grip.
  • Geisha Red is an incredibly rich luscious blue red, and is best worn without lip balm for rich intensity and long lasting results.
  • Verdict: This is hands down one of my favourite red lipsticks as it’s my favourite kind of red (rich and luscious blue tone), but more so because of the luxurious texture that stays put all day, flexes and moves with your lips without feeling drying, and doesn’t smear off on cups.  It feels moisturising on application in a rich buttery kind of way, and once it is set protected lips from the elements.  Tried and tested on gale force windy days, air conditioning and my lips survived underneath the lipstick. It’s pricey, but it’s worth every penny.

SISLEY Hyrdrating Long Lasting Lipstick - L25 Geisha Red 1

Worn without any lip balm.

RRP: $62 AUD available in Australia at selected David Jones stores.

This product was provided for consideration.

SISLEY Phyo Lip Shine – Sheer Coral


Lips, LIPSTICK, Maddy, NC40, SISLEY | by — January 30, 2013

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Brand: Sisley
Range: Phyto Lip Shine
Shade: Sheer Coral
Swatched by the lovely: Maddy

  • Maddy describes Phyto Lip Shines as a glossy, ultra-luminous treatment lipstick that has more colour than lip gloss & more shine than lipstick. Sheer Coral is a light orange with golden shimmer.
  • Visit Maddy’s blog to continue reading the rest of her review & find out why this has quickly become her go-to lipstick!
  • Thanks Maddy for the gorgeous swatch!