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The Lippie Roundup #12

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Roundup | by — March 3, 2012


1. I’m loving Kyra Kendall’s “Lips” illustration.  The middle row cracked me up!

2. Lilit (Makeup & Macaroons) discovers an excellent (and way more affordable) dupe of MAC Everhip, a limited edition pink/coral lipstick.

3. Discover the first-aid lip balm created in 1903 that has survived over the years in its original form in South Africa at Worship at the House of Blues.

4. Tine (Chasing Exilir) tried Two Toned Lips - and freakin’ loves it!

5. Last but not least, here are some of the hottest lip swatches on the blogsphere:


The Lippie Roundup #11


Roundup | by — February 10, 2012

1. Are you still grieving after a discontinued lipstick shade? Bobbi Brown has listened to her fans and is giving you the chance to bring back your favourite discontinued lipstick shade.  Aussie fans can log onto facebook.com/BobbiBrownAU to vote for your favourite shade from 10 of the most requested shades world wide.  Voting closes February 29th, 2012.

2. One can have never enough of Tom Ford, or his lipglosses.  Sabrina from The Beauty Lookbook swatches 5 shades from the Tom Ford lipgloss collection.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters – Holy Grail or Over Hyped? Fellow Melbourne blogger Lip Stalker lays down her verdict.

4. Livia (Princess Livia) shares swatches of her impressive whopping collection of lip pencils.

5. Before Christmas, Lilpil and I went makeup shopping & here’s her verdict on two must-try lip pencil shades I recommended her to try from Bobbi Brown & MAC.

6. Last but not least, here are some of the hottest lip swatches on the blogsphere:

The Lippie Roundup #10


Roundup | by — October 22, 2011

1.Lisa Eldrige shows us 4 different things you can do with one lipstick.  I can’t wait to try my Tom Ford Black Orchid as blush!! .

2. Find out which lip products models just can’t live without (via PRIMPED.com.au)

3. Jenny (My Funny Valentine) lets us sneak a peek into her impressive Nars lipstick collection.

4. Lilit (Makeup & Macaroons) lists her Top 5 “Look at Me” lipstick shades. 

5.  Hottest lip swatches in the blogosphere:

The Lippie Roundup #9


Roundup | by — September 25, 2011

1. Did you know orange lipstick can be used with concealer to create your very own colour corrector around the eyes?  M∙A∙C Senior Artist Fatima T shows us how in the video above, using MAC Lipstick “Morange”.  (After watching the vid, I tried using the peachy MAC Lipstick in “Dressmaker” & it really does work on dark circles!! Handy tip if you ever run out of corrector.)

2. The new lip texture is high shine with high voltage colour.  Find out how to achieve this new look with the video tutorial by MAC Senior Artist Nicole Thompson.

3. Tom Ford’s new makeup range is out!  Check out Karla Sugar’s swatch of the entire lipstick range.

4. Jenny (My Funny Valentine) is blown away by Jack Black lip balms.

5. Hottest lip swatches on the blogsphere:


The Lippie Roundup #8


Roundup | by — August 28, 2011


1. Feeling incredibly ENVIOUS of the MAC Blogger Obsession Collection, where beauty bloggers that were invited by MAC to custom create their own inspired collection of eyeshadows & lipglosses!! My heart skipped a beat as I watched the lipsticks come to life from a myriad of pigments.

2. Indian Vanity Case shows us that Lakme Lip Love Conditioner is a great dupe of MAC Lip Conditioner

3. Yuki (Lazy Channel) discovers just how gorgeously packaged the L’Occitane’s Lipsticks & Lipglosses are.

4. Makeup Artist Christabel Draffin (Makeup Mole) shares her top picks for wine, fuchsia & sangria lip shades.

5.  Hottest lip swatches on the blogsphere:

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