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CLINIQUE All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette – Neutral Territory 2


BEAUTY, Featured | by — March 17, 2014

CLINIQUE All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette - Neutral Territory 2 1

Despite my unforgiving work schedule (very long hours that sometimes eats into my Sundays!), I still have to look my best and be professional everyday, which means no bludging from makeup, using foundation on a daily basis after giving it up years ago and contouring my eyes to make sure they look well defined like I’m on top of the game.

After experimenting with Bobbi Brown and Sunday Riley eyeshadows for neutral browns, they have since taken a back seat with my new Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette (which comes in a mirrored compact finish) for 3 reasons.

CLINIQUE All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette Neutral Territory 2 - 27 Peekaboo 2

1. They are amazing to blend

Not only is the texture so smooth that makes them amazing to blend, but they also stay pigmented throughout the day and I can get away with using my fingers to blur any harsh edges.   No primer required.  Need I say more?

2. The ultra fine shimmers makes my eyes come alive

After much trial and error, I have decided that matte shadows are not for me, and I need a hint of ultra-fine shimmer or pearl to make my eyes pop.  Clinique’s shadows are finely milled and have just the right amount of shimmer that makes my eyes glisten without actually looking shimmery.

3. The shades are perfect for my skin tone.

I have challenges with finding the perfect brown eyeshadow.   If it’s too cool my eyes look sleepier than I already am, and if it’s too brown it makes my eyes look too warm against my neutral skin tone.  The 3rd shade from the right is the perfect shade of brown for my neutral fair skin tone for a chic look.


The shades are a combination of other eyeshadow duos and quads.   They are crease and fade resistant, and ophthalmologist tested.

  • 1A Sugar Cane (soft shimmer
  • 1A Sugar Cane (soft shimmer)
  • Light shade of Diamonds and Pearls duo
  • Light shade of Neutral Territory duo
  • Light shade of Day into Date duo
  • Brown shade of Polar Blue quad
  • 23 Hazy (super shimmer)
  • 02 Black Honey (super shimmer)
  • Dark brown shade of Morning Java quad

The shades I use the most are the 3rd from the right, and the 3rd from the left.


I highly recommend this neutral palette to anyone who share the same challenges as I do with finding the right shades of brown to suit their neutral skin tone, and love ultra fine shimmers in their shadows.  I also love the subtle transition in colours which help with fool-proof blending.  Even though I don’t reach for the warmer shades on a daily basis, I like having them there for a rainy day if I need to match my eyeshadow to a warmer wardrobe colour palette.   I have swatched them very intensly there, but they blend easily into a semi-sheer finish for those that like a lighter application.

CLINIQUE All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette - Neutral Territory 2 2

 RRP: $65 AUD

Available at Clinique counters in Australia now.

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