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Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector


BEAUTY, Sponsored | by — April 24, 2014

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Remember this snippet on my Instagram feed? Laughs aside, the allure of smooth and poreless skin is something that has women searching the world over for products that hide imperfections.

Not so many years ago I was blessed with tighter pores to the extent that some people even believed I had none, and I was blissfully unaware of what it was like to have enlarged pores.  As age took its toll year on year, I was mentally prepared to embrace hyper pigmentation and fine lines but I really didn’t expect my pores to enlarge despite living in moderate weather.

The trouble with pores is that they can’t be “removed” as such, but they can managed with products that temporarily minimise their appearance.  Garnier’s 5 Sec Perfect Blur (RRP $16.95 AUD) is an affordable option that is a smoothing base perfector with light reflectors that visibly blurs wrinkles, pores, imperfections and reduces shine.  It’s designed to be worn after moisturiser and under makeup (or without makeup) for an airbrushed effect.


What they say

Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur is not a moisturiser, it is not a foundation, and it is more than a primer. A smoothing and perfecting skincare base with light reflecting technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, imperfections, pores and shine.

What I like about the squeeze tube packaging is that the slim nozzle makes it easier to control how much product is dispensed.  It’s more hygienic than pot packaging, and you can get every drop out compared to pump packaging.  The 22ml size is also travel friendly so you can get picture-perfect skin while on short trips or holidays.

GARNIER 5 Second Blur 5

GarnierPerfectBlur-4My experience

  • It’s light pink when first squeezed out of the tube, but blends quickly into the skin without a trace, and instantly creates a blurred airbrushed effect.
  • It did a pretty good job of blurring pores and an even better job of blurring fine lines. I shall leave you to be the judge from the before/after pics of the back of my hand and cheek.
  • Leaves skin feeling velvety smooth with a diffused matte appearance.  It sat comfortable on my dry skin type, so I can’t really comment on how it controls shine.
  • Foundation was a breeze to blend over the base without it sinking into pores.
  • Skin appears brighter and photographs better without needing to do as much photoshop.

GARNIER 5 Second Blur 7

No photoshopping done on these pics other than cropping.  I used a lighter application on my pores, and a heavier application on the back of my hands, which clearly look as though they could do with the help of Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur.

GARNIER 5 Second Blur 8


What I like about Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur is that it instantly brightens and blurs imperfections, helping you achieve picture perfect skin faster than it takes you to choose your favourite filter on Instagram.   Whilst it’s only a temporary measure, given how challenging it is to find something as affordable as this that instantly minimizes the appearance of pores, it’s a quick fix alternative that helps your foundation go the extra mile.  Give it a try if your skin can handle silicone based primers, and adjust the amount depending on how airbrushed you want the results to be.  As with silicone based products, I recommend a thorough cleanse afterwards, either double cleansing or a Clarisonic, whichever you fancy.


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9 Responses to “Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector”

  1. May says:

    I am constantly seeking ways to minimise fine lines that are starting to crop up around the mouth and under the eyes. I’m hoping that Garnier can help 🙂

  2. Dustyn says:

    Freckles, blemishes, laughter lines, oh my!
    Large pores, old scarring, crows feet at my eyes;
    Uneven skintone, hyper pigmentation, and broken capillaries;
    In five seconds, I wish to blur a lifetime of skincare woes and worries!

  3. ja says:

    Definitely my acne scars 🙁
    I’ve just turned 18 (yay) and luckily my teenage break out days are behind me, but i have a lot of scars to show for it!

  4. Breearna says:

    Pores! Pores! Pores! My worst enemy! Can’t find anything that will help! Really hoping this new Garnier blur is the miracle I need!

  5. Panthera says:

    I’ve hit 27 and suddenly I have pores! Who knew! I’m also seeing wrinkles (ok, 1 wrinkle!) under my eye that’s bothering me and a couple of laugh lines around my lips. While they speak of good times, I’d rather advertise good times with smooth airbrushed skin and bright lippies so would love to use the Garnier Perfect Blur.

  6. Dianne Childs says:

    I’d love to Blur the fine lines under my eyes, as they make me look tired and older than I am. I’m currently hitting them with rosehip oil, eye creams and anti-ageing serum, but I think blurring them is the way to go. I’d love a smoother, younger-looking under eye region so I look bright-eyed and bushytailed instead of like an extra from Walking Dead!

  7. Rabbitwithfangs says:

    I’ve got a one year old, so anything to ‘blur’ the shadows under my eyes! (I have my share of blurry eyes from this side.)

  8. Moni says:

    Pores. A girl’s worst enemy… anything to hide them!

  9. Nice one! really it captured my attention! I’m sure this will come in handy in a few days.. 🙂


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