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If your ghd is as old as mine, it’s time to upgrade to the NEW ghd eclipse


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — September 23, 2013


Please excuse my tired looking ghd IV styler.

After all, I have had it for about 10 years now, ever since I got hooked on the straight-hair trend that was all the craze back then.

It has served me extremely well over the years.  It has straightened many a kink in my wavy hair, added shine to my coarse hair texture, tamed many random curly strands I have near my forehead.  The only time I successfully used it to curl hair is the pic below (top right) after watching a how-to video on PRIMPED, but my beginners luck ran out and I have never been able to recreate those luscious waterfall curls with my ghd ever again.

I used it daily for years, brought it with me everywhere I went – to interstate and overseas trips. In fact it was so well loved that the “ghd logo cap” on the hinges has fallen off.

Clockwise from left: With Amy (Things I Love) at MBBE 2010 | The only time I managed to curl my hair successfully with ghd | Before I chemically straightened my hair, this was my signature straight hair look.  Excuse the poor makeup skills, back then I didn’t know how to tight line & fill in my brows properly, haha!

But in the last few years, my ghd IV styler hadn’t been working its magic on my hair the way it used to and I left it in my drawer unsure of what to do with it.   I resorted to chemically straightening my hair instead & for a long time my ghd styler sat in the drawer whilst I did very little with my hair style other than straight down or up in a ponytail.

When ghd ran a campaign where you could trade in your old hair straightening iron for a discounted price off a new ghd styler, I contacted them to see if they would accept my old ghd but unfortunately the campaign only accepted trade-ins from other brands, not their own.  I assumed that perhaps my ghd didn’t need to be replaced after all, and that the only main differences between mine and the newer models were colour and a rounder edge.

That was until I tried the new ghd eclipse at a Oscar Oscar Salon hair workshop I attended recently. Apart from learning how to achieve volume in my crown, I also learned how to create movement in the ends by curling them with the ghd eclipse. I was totally taken aback by how FAST it heated up & how QUICKLY  it styled and curled hair into a smooth finish – all in a fraction of the usual time I usually needed to style my hair with my old ghd styler.

I felt like I was missing out BIG TIME by sticking to my old ghd styler, so much that I wanted to digress from my usual lip swatches & skincare post to share with you how awesome the ghd eclipse is.


10 Reasons why you should upgrade to the new ghd eclipse

1. It styles hair at the optimal temperature of 185ºC

The people behind ghd have determined that 185ºC is the optimum styling temperature to achieve the best results in fewer strokes.  Styling at temperatures below 185ºC takes more strokes to achieve a good result, and therefore dries the hair.  Styling above 185ºC exposes hair to unnnessary heat, and at above 215ºC, the keratin protein in the hair starts to melt, causing irreversible damage.

 2. Most stylers only have one sensor on each plate.  Ghd eclipse has three.

Ghd’s breakthrough patented tri-zone™ technology uses three ultra-sensitive sensors on each plate that respond instantly to any fluctuation in temperature to ensure no heat loss during styling so a constant temperature is maintained for each stroke.

3. It grips more smoothly through hair than any other styler I’ve tried

The plates are thinner and finer, delivering heat more efficiently to you hair without snagging or tugging on your hair.   The plates are also mid-pivoted which means the hair grips better and is less likely to fall out during styling.

4. The body is cool to touch, even after prolonged use.

The body of the styler features high-tech aerogel insulation – sourced from the aerospace industry – which keeps the outer case cool to touch, even after prolonged use.


 5. It heats up within 20 seconds and switches off into sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes

For me it heated up in more like 5 seconds.  I always remove the plug from the power point after using, but it is re-assuring to know that it will go to sleep after 30 minutes if I forgot to switch it off.

6. The design is impeccable.

I love that the edges are curved making it a breeze to achieve both straight and curl styles, without the “kink” in the curl I used to get with old ghd.  I also love the “on/off” button that plays a different tri-tone depending on whether it’s switching on or off.   When you turn it on, another ghd logo lights up near the plates that blinks when it’s heating up, and once it’s fully heated to 185ºC you hear another tone that signals, the ghd logo stops blinking and it’s ready for styling.  Not to mention, the overall design is uber stylish and I like this design more than any of the coloured ghd stylers out there.

GHD 3b

7. It comes with a two year warranty.

Beware of fakes! Original ghd stylers should have a sticker attached to the cord that shows the product code for your styler (which I cropped) that you can register on the ghd website verify that your product its genuine, and obtain contact numbers for support if you experience any issues.

GHD 4b

8. The rubber heat proof case is a god send.

It not only helps to keep your styler in shape while stored away, but it COMPLETELY insulates the heat so that you can pack it away immediately without needing to wait for it to cool down.  I wish they thought of this earlier.


9. My bed hair is transformed into smooth locks in just 3 minutes.

It takes 5 seconds to heat up, 10 seconds to spritz on a thermal spray (my favourite is Goldwell Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum that keeps your hair straight even through humidity), and around 2 minutes (longer if you have thicker hair) to work through the sections.  My current favourite style is to straighten the first two-thirds and curl the last section inwards.  After years of tying my hair in a ponytail, my fringe is no longer cooperating so I pin it back so I can concentrate at work instead of fretting about it.

Ghd eclipse before and after

I wash my hair at night, and no matter how well I’ve blow dried it, I always need the help of ghd eclipse for the finishing touches in the morning.  Pyjamas by Peter Alexander, Dress by J Crew.

10. If your old styler is no longer working for you, now is the time to switch.

Not only are you damaging your hair by repeatedly working an old styler through your hair to achieve desired results, but the damage is not easy to reverse even with salon grade hair masks.  You can prevent heat damage by using a heat protectant spray (eg. ghd Style Heat Protect Spray) first, and blow dry into a smooth straight finish with a barrel brush (my favourite is ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 3) to reduce the need to rely solely on your styler to straighten hair.  I realise that $300 AUD is a lot of money to fork out, especially if you’ve purchased a ghd before, but if you think about the cost-per-use over the next few years I’d say it’s worth considering it.

    How old is your hair straightening iron?

Do you know what temperature your heat styler uses?


RRP: $300 AUD

Available from approved ghd salons and www.ghdhair.com/au.  For stockist information call 1300 443 424.

This product was provided for consideration.

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