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Great Skincare Minus the Hefty Price Tag (Part 1)


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — February 23, 2013

One of my New Years Resolution this year is to spend less & save more for bigger goals (and expensive non-beauty related wish lists). Being the beauty snob that I am, the thought of stoop down to drugstore brands used to leave me slightly anxious.   Whilst I’m more familiar with sunscreens and drugstore body moisturisers, it’s been over 15 years since I purchased face & eye creams from the supermarket and until recently I wouldn’t have a clue what to recommend in the budget skincare department.

When people ask me what products I use to achieve the skin I have, as soon as I mention the price tag you can just see their hearts sinking at the thought of having to afford hefty price tags for good skin.  From then on, the moment I was introduced to affordable yet effective skincare, I began making a mental note of them in case I get asked for product recommendations again in future.   I’ll publish more editions of this blog post as I come across more budget friendly gems.

1. COSMECOLOGY Hydra Skin Face Cream ($28 AUD/50ml)

Cosmecology is the younger and more affordable brand from Guinot, with a focus on plant-based biotechnological active ingredients that are safe for the skin, and a brand ethos that respects and preserves nature.  I am cynical when I see claims that it “suits all skin types” as I am biased towards products intended specifically for my dry skin type, but I was pleasantly surprised by how moisturising it is and how silky smooth it applies.  It keeps skin soft and supple great for day time.  Every product in the range is paraben-free, with no artificia colouring or GMO’s and no animal testing.   To reduce wastage, the products come without boxes or information leaflets as all product information is available on the website cosmecology.com.  Available exclusively at Guinot salons.

2. URIAGE Aqua Precis Moisturising Eye Contour Care ($39.95 AUD/15ml)

Refreshingly hydrating with a lightweight gel-like consistency that absorbs quickly without residue leaving the eye area feeling supple.  It also helps to de-puff and re-energise tired eyes, thanks to the decongesting silicon derivative.  If your eye area is prone to dehydration like mine, I find this best for summer time or weekends at home.  Great for those just starting out on eye creams.  Fragrance & paraben free.  Available at selected pharmacies & Adore Beauty.

3. OLAY Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir ($49.99 AUD/50ml)

At first I had my doubts on the efficacy of a drugstore serum, let alone the claims that it was a “resurfacing elixir”.  My skepticism quickly disappeared when I looked in the mirror the morning after.  Thanks to glycolic acid (love that stuff!), it filters through damaged upper layers of skkin to loosen bonds with dead cells, increasing natural exfoliation and skin surface renewal.  My skin felt smoother, looked brighter and skin more even in tone.  The results were noticeable but not mind blowing, more precisely it was proportionate to the cost of the product.  Although it’s meant to be used alone, I find that despite its dense and slightly sticky formula, it’s not moisturising enough for my dry skin &  following it up with night cream doesn’t seem to reduce its efficacy.

4. VASELINE Total Moisture 24 Hour Nourishing Lotion ($5.41 AUD/225ml)

My body-cream-snobbishness is partly due to my dermatitis / eczema-like skin condition that means I’m sensitive to many cheap body products that are made of synthetic ingredients.  Surprisingly despite containing parabens, my skin seems to agree with Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hour Nourishing Lotions.  It absorbs quickly without any residue or the “white mask” effect and leaves skin feeling soft.  Whilst I wouldn’t describe it as intensely moisturising, it delivers just enough moisture and is surprisingly long lasting.  Available in 3 formulas – Aloe Fresh, Cocoa Glow and Dry Skin.  The weather in Melbourne now is not cold or dry enough to test it in winter conditions, but I have a feeling I will need a richer formula such as body butters and oils come winter time.

Anyone out there a 100% skincare snob?

Or do you use a mixture of high end & drugstore skincare?


All products featured in this post were provided for consideration.

2 Responses to “Great Skincare Minus the Hefty Price Tag (Part 1)”

  1. Elsie says:

    Thanks for this post, Yishan. I have the same skin condition as you: dry facial skin and eczema (on the hands). Maybe with the money I save here, I can buy some of your pricer picks 😉

  2. Beauty Box says:

    Hmm, I def use a mix of high and low end skincare. I am not opposed to drugstore facial skincare, e.g. Olay does a good job most of the time and I like Neutrogena acne products, and St Ives scrubs. But body moisturizers….I have yet to like a drugstore one. I usu go for more high end brands but I recently discovered Alba Organics which can be found in Whole Foods, so it is sort of drugstore because it costs only USD10-12 for a body butter which is highly moisturizing.

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