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Great skincare minus the hefty price tag (Part 3)

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BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — January 25, 2014

Great Skincare Minus the Price Tag - Part 3

LUSH Dream Cream ($29.95 AUD / 240g)

Dream Cream is Lush’s best-selling product that’s particularly soothing for trouble skin.  My skin tends to break out in a rash from UV exposure which turns into a blotchy patch for days that takes ages to heal.  After applying Lush Dream Cream to the affected areas, my skin instantly felt calmed and comforted thanks to oat milk, chamomile and lavender, and my skin is left softened without any greasy residue.  I’m in two minds about the tub packaging – on one hand it’s convenient but at the same time it’s not that hygienic.  Since it’s more expensive than the supermarket brands, I tend to use this only on the areas affected by sun exposure.  It’s also a great gift idea if you know anyone that has sensitive skin.

LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Lotion ($32.50 AUD / 225g)

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Lotion is to body as hair conditioner is to hair.  When you’re almost done with your shower, slather this creamy concoction all over your body, rinse off and towel dry, and your skin will not only be moisturised without needing to apply body lotion, but also leave a lingering scent  of delicious rose jam.  I’m impressed by how moisturising it is, and it’s thanks to a concoction of oils (cypress, Brazil nut, almond and Argan) and butters (capuacu, cocoa, shea), Vitamin E, plus 20% glycerine to lock in all the moisture leaving it soft and smooth.   Whilst it does take dedication to remember to add it to my shower routine, I like that it’s faster to apply than body lotion (no blending required), and you can get dressed immediately without worrying about any residue.

KOSMEA Apple of My Eye Cream ($44.95 AUD / 15ml)

The key ingredient in this eye cream is derived from a rare Swiss apple that helps turn back the signs of aging.  Fans of Kosmea skincare will be pleased to know that this cream features Kosmea’s signature rose scent, certified organic rose hip oil and White tea extract to brighten dark under circles and reduce wrinkles.  It’s really rich and buttery, leaves the eye area soothed and soft by the next morning.  The rose / rose hip oil scent is quite strong – I find it relaxing when I apply it for bed but generally speaking I prefer my eye cream to be unscented.

URIAGE Creme Lavante Cleanser ($39.95 AUD / 500ml)

This is my holy grail cream cleanser for sensitive skin, as it stays creamy even when you massage it, rinses easily without any residue,  doesn’t strip the skin of moisture and actually leaves the skin feeling softened as it contains 1/3 milk and 10% anti-free radical Uriage Thermal Water.  It can be used on the body, face and scalp, but I prefer it as my morning cleanser especially during winter. Soap-free, paraben free and hypoallergenic.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ ($29 AUD / 50ml)

Clinique DDML was my first “department store” moisturiser and was my staple moisturiser for several of my university years.  The newly formulated DDML+ contains new ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and urea to provide extra hydration and moisture, with extracts of sunflower seed cake, barley and cucumber fruit to strengthen the skin’s barrier and improve its resilience against environmental stresses.  It absorbs quickly and skin feels softened on immediate application.  What’s also new about DDML+ is its price point, now starting at $29 AUD for 50ml making it as affordable as some pharmacy / supermarket brand moisturisers.  Its refined texture and formula makes it a pleasure to use, even a decade on since I left university.  Since my skin is a lot drier now, I use this during hot summer weather or before I head to the gym for a sweaty workout.  Works best on normal or combination skin.

PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Fragrance Free Lotion ($7.40 AUD / 250ml)

It claims to be as rich as the original formula minus the cocoa scent thanks to added botanical extracts that mask its scent.  To be honest, the cocoa scent is subtly noticeable upon application but disappears once absorbed.  It absorbs quickly on my dry skin, leaving my parched skin feeling comforted and nourished without any residue.  The squeeze tube is a bit hard to squeeze once you’ve used half of it, but the problem is solved if you leave it standing upside down as the weight of this cocoa-butter rich formula will bring it down with ease.  Best for dry skin.

These products were provided for consideration.

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  1. I’m really concerned about the Lush Dream Cream. I was just reading in a Dermatology Journal about how irritating lavender is for skin, and how it acts as a pro-oxidant (opposite of an anti-oxidant), exposing the skin cells to damage. I know the idea of natural cosmetics is appealing, but a *lot* of essential oils are very damaging.

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