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How to add volume to bed hair


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — October 20, 2012


Having heavy hair & oily roots (that’s also static) makes achieving volume a challenge for me, especially the morning after.  After much trial & error and a few hair disasters here and there,  with sheer luck I seem to have landed on a routine that finally works for me & my locks. The results are bouncy & moderately fat hair that looks natural without looking crunchy or over done.  To add more fat, simply amp up the mousse to a heavyweight one.


  • Volumising shampoo & conditioner
  • A large barrel brush & professional hair dryer
  • Lightweight mousse (Wella System Professional Elegant Shape Body Mousse*)
  • Hair straightening iron
  • Texturising spray (KMS California FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray*)
  • Crimper (VS Sassoon Big Hair Root Boost*)


  • After washing your hair, let it air dry around 50% before blow drying with a large barrel brush, adding a lightweight mousse to the crown section.  I like Wella’s Elegant Shape Body Mousse because it adds natural body to the roots, makes the blowdry last overnight and through to the next day whilst looking bouncy and natural.
  • If you wash your hair at night, try to sleep with your hair away from the nape of your neck, letting it rest freely on the pillow.
  • The next morning, use a hair straightening iron to smooth out the top visible layers & ends.
  • Lift the top visible layers of your crown & mid sections.   Spray some texturising spray onto your palms & apply it into the inner layers closest to the roots.  KMS’s Hot Flex Spray has so far worked the best for this, as it doesn’t make hair crunchy (like sea salt spray) and gives long lasting hold to heat styling.
  • Crimp 2 inch sections to the parts you applied KMS Hot Flex Spray to (ie. inner layers around the crown & mid sections).   Avoid crimping too close to your hair line so the crimps won’t be visible.
  • Let it cool for a minute, and ruffle the crimped areas with your fingers.  Lightly brush to set.

 What’s your hair volumising routine? 


* Products marked with an asterisk were provided for consideration.  If it weren’t for these samples, I would possibly be still months away from nailing this routine!

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