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Insta-Fridays: #firstworldproblems of a lipstick blogger


IN THE SPOTLIGHT, Instagram | by — March 15, 2013

This week’s post is a wrap of the #firstworldproblems of a lipstick blogger

I used to remember the days when samples would be few and far between.  Now I have the #firstworldproblem of having to swatch so many.

After many years of practice, I’ve now found my favourite way to swatch on my arm.  It’s also easier to crop the photo neatly this way.

Sometimes I do get bored with reviewing lipstick & try to find new ways to describe what ultimately is the same topic over and over again.   Testing opacity on white paper doesn’t quite hit the spot for me like it does on real lips.  What say you?

Writing up reviews on the moisture properties is very subjective, and having dry lips means I’m more particular about the efficacy of moisturising ingredients. Whilst I’m intrigued by this moisture meter that takes the subjectivity out of the equation, I’m still at a loss for what 31.1% moisture really means.  Does it mean it’ll last through to lunch?

Contrary to what people expect, I wear lip balm more often than lipstick (unless I’m testing) as work stress & air conditioning dries them out easily.  I moisturise excessively for days to get them ready for the weekend.

The same goes for when life hands you opportunities. Make sure you face them with your lipstick on.

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  1. Hahaha I loved this little post! So random and cute 🙂

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