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LANCOME Rouge in Love – 163M Dans ses Bras – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


LANCOME, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — May 14, 2012


Brand: Lancome
Range: Rouge in Love
Shade: 163M Dans ses Bras
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Rouge in Love, is a long-wearing lip colour that is featherlight, and melts on application, providing lips with long-lasting moisturising comfort and juicy shine.
  • Available in 21 shades, the collection is categorised into three groups Jolis Matins (fresh shades for daytime wear), Boudoir Time (pop shades for cocktail hour), and Tonight is My Night (deep shades for night wear) to make it easier to decide on a shade.
  • I highly recommend trying at the counters before buying online, as Rouge in Love looks very different on everybody.  When I attended the Rouge in Love launch in Melbourne, a few of us tried shade 159 and it looked completely different across 5 bloggers (ranging from hot red, coral red to pink coral).
  • 163M is a raspberry red that can turn blue-toned or warm-toned depending on your lip & skin tone.
  • Verdict: For the first time in a long time I am tempted to buy several shades within one collection.Next on my wish list is 159B (Rouge in Love), 350B (Rose Boudoir) and 353M (Rose Pitimini / Roses in Love).
  • Note: Some shade name seems to be different in US & Australia, but the shade numbers are the same.

Pigmented lipstick with juicy shine seem to be the current trend!

RRP: $45 AUD

This product was provided for consideration.

4 Responses to “LANCOME Rouge in Love – 163M Dans ses Bras – Reviews, Photos, Swatches”

  1. Myriam says:

    Hi, thank you for an interesting and helpful review! I just bought this lipstick in the same shade today, not knowing anything about this new range. I stopped by the Lancôme counter and was intrigued. I am a sucker for blue-based red lipsticks (it surprisingly suits my light olive skin) so the lady at the counter picked “dans ses bras” and put it on me after applying lip liner. It looked a bit too shiny for my taste but if you dab the lips a bit you get a more subtle shine (or that would happen anyway after a few minutes). But to the point: I love the colour, bright yet not too over-the-top for day wear. On my lips it definitely looks more raspberry red than coral as on your picture (perhaps it’s the colour calibration of my computer), and less glossy (very nice too!). I’m so glad I’ve found a red lipstick that I can wear without looking too done up, and I still get the magic lift (complexion and spirit…). If I can bypass the lip liner I will (it’s meant to be “prȇt-à-porter” after all!).
    It’s comfortable and long-wearing enough to pick another shade in the near future…

    • akisa says:

      Hi Myriam, I’m so glad you loved the shade “Dans Ses Bras”! The shiny finish is only temporary, in my experience once it is absorbed it turns into a demi-matte stain (like a blotted effect).

  2. Myriam says:

    Taking the liberty of a little update… Put the lippie on today and still love it. It is not as red (more deep pink/raspberry) than yesterday but it’s probably because I applied it without lip liner. Or perhaps you get a more intense colour when applied with a lip brush? Can’t wait to find my match in the “Boudoir Time” or “Tonight is My Night” series. “Dans ses bras” has certainly made my day again.

    • akisa says:

      Hi Myriam, I used a lip brush to apply a thick layer for swatching purposes so you can see the intensity of the colour. But when I wear it outside I apply a much sheerer layer.

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