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Lip Balms that help Lip Flakes lift off


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — December 8, 2012

For those of you that are prone to dry lips & lip flakes – did you know that lip flakes that do not come off easily in the shower should be left alone?  It’s because the new layer of skin underneath is not fully developed & needs more cell renewal time before the lip flake is ready to lift off.

If I’m eating heathily, drinking lots of water & diligent with lip balm, my natural lip exfoliation cycle seems to be around 2-3 days.  In other words, my lips stay flake-free for a solid 2 days before they start becoming ready for exfoliation.  But on days where I’ve been slack or the weather is dry, my lips are flaky for a whole day or two before it gets better.

Usually I resort to my trusted Dr Lipp Nipple Cream at night for the lip flakes to melt off by the morning, but sometimes a gal needs beauty products for days when you want to speed things up. That’s when I call upon these two products that actually break down lip flakes & help them to lift off.

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil ($15.95 AUD)

I’ve featured this previously – it’s a clear shimmery rich lip balm that contains citric acid (from organic lemon oil) to naturally exfoliate lip flakes whilst the 70% Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin nourishes and prepares the new lip surface to make its debut.  The shimmery finish makes it great for days you want to take a break from lipstick.

Laura Mercier Lip Silk ($35 AUD)

Believe it or not, I first tried this 10 years ago and I got so hooked that I finished 2 tubes of it before I decided to stop such an expensive habit.  It’s a night treatment that contains a very mild dose of salicylic acid to break down lip flakes & also soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  The texture is very silky and doesn’t leave any residue, so you don’t have to worry about wasting lip balm on your bed sheets.

We have lift off!

Once your lip flakes are ready to lift off, the best ways to remove them naturally are:

  • After washing your face or a shower, using a wash cloth or your fingers.
  • Using a wet wipe during the day

Slather it on & sleep on it to give your lip flakes a chance to lift off.

These products were provided for consideration.

8 Responses to “Lip Balms that help Lip Flakes lift off”

  1. Beauty Box says:

    Interesting read… I never thought about flaky lips that way and yes I think I have been guilty of peeling off flakes that were not ready to be pulled off….gross and ouch! I’ll def keep these two products in mind for this winter. I do find a lip scrub is not enough for serious flaky situations…

  2. Aggy says:

    Hi Yishan!

    I’ve been following your blog religiously for a while now and I would like to share an emergency lip tip that I always use when my lips are chapped and dry, or just in a horrible state overall. Lip scrubs never work for me!

    I just slather on a layer of vaseline onto my lips and cut out a small piece of plastic wrap and cover my lips with it, then go to bed. It does feel slightly uncomfortable before you get used to it, and people that breathe through their mouths probably shouldn’t try this lol. But in the morning I just throw away the plastic wrap and wipe off the vaseline firmly with a sheet of tissue paper, ALL the dead skin comes right off! It only takes me 2-3 wipes to get everything off. My lips are super smooth and pink after!

    Sometimes when I’m sick or just don’t feel like using the plastic wrap, I just put on an extra thick layer of vaseline and in the morning I could usually get a layer of flakes off too. But it definitely works better with the plastic wrap.

    Hope you could try this on a flaky day and let me know if it helps! 🙂

    • Yishan says:

      wow, your routine sounds similar in concept to body wraps / foot wraps! Unfortunately I do breathe through my mouth from time to time if I have a blocked nose…

  3. Look 10 Years Younger says:

    Oh very nice post Yishan. If organic lemon oil doesn’t sound lovely for the lips then what does? I hate chapped and flaking lips so these definitely look like winners.

  4. George says:

    Yisha, I hate the colour of my lips. It’s browny grey and I’m fair skinned so I basically look like a corpse without opaque lipsticks. I have tried exfoliating with a toothbrush but that doesnt do anything. I also always wear lippies with spf. What else can I do to get lips that are naturally pink?

    • Yishan says:

      Hi there, I have heard of skin tinting creams but they seem more like a fad than anything else. I recommend lining the lips entirely with your desired shade as a base before lipstick. Try a rosy shade. Bobbi Brown has a great selection of neutral lip pencils, and MAC’s lip pencils in Subculture or Dervish also popular with pigmented lips.

  5. […] by the time you jump in the shower or wash your face at the end of the day.  If you’ve read my previous post on lip exfoliation, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of salicylic acid in lip balm as it’s more gentle on […]

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