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NARS Pure Matte Lipstick – Vesuvio


LIPSTICK, NARS, Yishan | by — September 15, 2010

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Brand: Nars
Range: Pure Matte Lipstick
Shade: Vesuvio
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Red was voted by you readers as one of the top “must try in a lifetime” kind of shade! If you’re worried about high maintenance, this one stays put obediently & requires only touch up after meals.
  • Available in 6 shades.
  • The ultra matte texture and hue is dramatic but sophisticated / lady-like.
  • Adheres to lips very well, so your lips must be primed and exfoliated beforehand.
  • Whilst it’s not drying, it did speed up the time before I needed to exfoliate again.
  • Tip: The secret to the perfect red lip is concealer around the edges of your lip, followed by lip pencil and use a lip brush for precise and even application.
Key ingredient: Wild Mango Butter
The ultra-matte finish goes perfectly with velvety skin.
I used a cheap red lip pencil from Natio.
Re-swatched in August 2012, applied over Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight lip balm.

Nars Pure Matte: Infinite Reflections

Very envious of the sharp cupids bow on the model’s lips!

RRP: $54 AUD
Available at Nars, Saks Fifth Avenue, Mecca Cosmetica (Australia)

This product was sent to me for consideration.

5 Responses to “NARS Pure Matte Lipstick – Vesuvio”

  1. ladywarhol says:

    The 2nd photo in this post (of the lipstick on) is AMAZING. However when I search this lipstick in this specific color, it doesnt look like that 2nd picture. The 2nd photo looks like a warm-red-peachy color and whenever I see this color on others it looks very strong-cherry-bright-red… I’d die to know what color that 2nd photo really is!

    • akisa says:

      Hi there, yes I agree with you that Vesuvio looks slightly different on everyone! On me it’s a bold “London Bus” red (due to my yellow skintone), but on a pink toned skintone it looks more cherry. Why not check it out on a Nars counter to see how it blends in with your skintone

  2. ladywarhol says:

    Thanks for your reply – I will be trying it because I plan on buying it this week! 🙂 Hope I love it as much as that photo. 🙂

  3. lauren says:

    This lipstick looks NOTHING like the first color. It’s blood red. Kind of misleading.

  4. lauren says:

    I own the lipstick btw I’m not just saying it looks different in the tube. I don’t know if you lightly dabbed it on but it’s way more intense than that.

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