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Need help with blog photography?


IN THE SPOTLIGHT | by — January 12, 2014

FOA Glossy Lip Crayon 1Blogging, once upon a time, started with humble beginnings and rapidly transformed into a genre where these days a blog is as good as its photography.   For the majority of us, taking blog photography to the next level is one of a hundred other things to juggle when running a beauty / fashion / lifestyle blog, not to mention costly as well.

If you haven’t heard, I’ve been quietly blogging away at my new photography blog – YishanChan.com.au – whilst slowly building my portfolio.  I’ve kicked off a new series of blog posts dedicated to blog photography, where you’ll find exclusive interviews with Jenny (My Funny Valentine), Christina (Hair Romance) and Tine (Beautyholics Anonymous) who have kindly spilled their blog photography secrets, everything from their camera & lens set up to creative choices of back drops.

I want to help other bloggers improve their photography skills and prove that you don’t need a complicated set up to produce high quality images.

If there’s a blog photography question you have, leave me a comment below & I’ll do my best to create a blog post on it!

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  1. Rahira says:

    I have just discovered your blog/website. You are very inspiring! I love your posts already 🙂

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