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New Year Habits


IN THE SPOTLIGHT | by — January 26, 2014

This year I’m taking on a new approach to New Year Resolutions, focusing on new habits  as an alternative way to set and achieve goals.

As you know, I have been trying to make the switch to my new photography hobby since late last year, but work has not been kind to me, demanding very long hours that isn’t likely to change in the near term.   For someone like me whose wellbeing is dependent on an active creative life outside work, it’s been a stressful start to the new job whilst keeping up with blogging on Sundays and trying to incorporate photography into my routine.  This year I’m going to keep it simple with 4 new habits

 1. Getting back my work life balance

My first goal is to cut down my hours by letting go & finding the right people to handle the work.  Trust me, delegation is not the problem.


2. Make photography a habit

My second goal is to find new spaces, occasions and people to photograph.  So far I’ve ticked off my parent’s profile photos, followed an updated one of mine and next month I have lined up a friend’s baby celebration.


3. Make an effort to primp one’s self

They say life is too short to have bad hair.    In an effort to primp myself better this year, I’ve invested in a new GHD Air hairdryer.  To say that I’m in love with my  GHD Air is an understatement.  A salon-style blow dry is now easy as a cinch at home.  It does also help to have an amazing hair cut by Jacky Chan from Oscar Oscar Salon.


4. Unplug. Read. Cook.

For many years I’ve not been able to keep my resolutions on this, but as soon as I’ve set aside 10 minutes reading time per day I’ve now powered through a book and started on my next one.  And also knitted 99% of an infinity scarf that I’ve only stopped because I’ve run out of wool.   Where did I find extra 10 minutes of time you might ask?  Cut down on social media and TV.  To improve my cooking repertoire, I’ve bought a few new cookbooks, such as Maggie’s Verjuice Cookbook (pictured below), subscribed to food blogs and youtube channels and trying to challenge myself to make a new dish once a month.

Maggie Beer Verjuice Cookbook

 Have you tried setting new habits instead of resolutions?

Read this article to see if setting a new habit or system is just the thing you need to get started on your goals this year.

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