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IN THE SPOTLIGHT, press | by — July 9, 2013

My eBook “Pout Perfect” was featured on Beautyholics Anonymous over the weekend! Seeing my eBook on someone else’s iPad feels surreal and I couldn’t be more pleased with her write-up.  My favourite line from her review is spot on what I set out to do with this eBook.  Thank you Tine!!

“While Beauty Swatch is about helping you find your way through the lipstick jungle with so many lipstick brands out there, Pout Perfect shows you what types of lipsticks there are out there, pros and cons of each type of lipstick, suitable colours for different skin tones, how to take care of your lips and so on. – Tine

Aside from beauty blogging, Tine run a highly successful Bloggie Wednesdays series that teaches you the ins & outs of the technical side of blogging.  If the thought of migrating to WordPress sounds all too hard, she offers a “Hire Me” service for WordPress installations, blog migrations from other platforms etc.  Some things in life are better outsourced, and I can’t think of a more lovelier person than Tine that you can trust your entire blog with.

Beauty Swatch Pout Perfect eBook on Beautyholics Anonymous

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  1. LOL thanks for featuring me for featuring you! Kakakaka!! 😀

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