Pout Perfect Book

Pout Perfect Book

Pout Perfect Print Edition Book

Do you reach for the same lipstick shade over and over again?

Need some lipstick inspiration?

Wearing lipstick is the quickest way to accentuate one of the most sensual parts of our facial features, and yet shopping for lipstick is one of the most challenging shopping experiences, with so many women reaching for the same lipstick shade over and over again whilst longing to try a different shade.

Featuring original lip photography of Yishan’s lips, Pout Perfect is packed with over 93 product recommendations, 62 lip tips, 10 lippy resolutions and insider beauty advice from Jenna Menard (Clinique Global Colour Artist), Nicole Thompson (MAC Senior Artist), and Kirsten Carriol (Founder of Lanolips) on lip artistry and lip care.

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Pout Perfect is available to purchase in print edition, or as an eBook or PDF.

Chapters (Total 68 pages excluding cover)

  • Lipstick Lingo – your complete guide to lipstick textures & tips on how to get the best out of each texture.
  • Lipstick Shopping – how to find a lipstick shade that you will stay in love with.
  • Building Your Lipstick Wardrobe – dedicated to those who find themselves purchasing the same shade repeatedly yet lusting after a change.
  • Tools of the Trade – creating the perfect lip is easy with these. You probably already have some of these in your beauty cupboard.
  • The Art of Applying Lipstick – 12 pages packed with step-by-step tutorials featuring tips from the pros.
  • The Illusion of a Fuller Pout – I show you how in six different ways.
  • Caring for Your Lips – in which I share my tips on how to keep lips in top condition.
  • Brand Index – a directory of all 93 products featured in the book.



“If you love lipstick, you NEED this book!” – Kirsten Carriol, Creator of Lanolips

“This eBook is a wonderful guide to the lippy world and I highly recommend it for both those who are new and well-acquainted.  The aesthetically-pleasing layout and pictures make it a joy to read!” – Sarah

“When it comes to beauty and lips, Beauty Swatch has always been an authority in providing current and on-trend tips and tricks. ‘Pout Perfect’ is a natural extension of all the site’s incredible content and is an amazing tool for women on the go.” – Angela

“It’s the kind beauty book you feel like reading it again and again. It covers everything related to lips with detailed steps and pictures.” – Shirley

“While Beauty Swatch is about helping you find your way through the lipstick jungle, Pout Perfect shows you what types of lipsticks there are out there and the pros and cons of each type of lipstick.  It’s well-written with lots of photos of different lipstick colours and textures.” – Tine, BeautyholicsAnonymous.com

“Yishan really is a subject matter expert and I learnt things that I hadn’t read in other magazines or books. Armed with the knowledge from Yishan’s book, I really do feel empowered and inspired to try out new lipstick shades and textures” – Cheryl Lin, BusinessChic.com.au

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Yishan Chan (Editor BeautySwatch.com) // Yishan is the brain and lips behind BeautySwatch.com, a blog founded since 2009 dedicated to helping you find your way through the lipstick jungle. BeautySwatch.com has received international recognition, featuring in Forbes.com, In Style (USA) Magazine and other media publications worldwide. Having published over 1000 blog posts, she may or may not know a thing or two about all things lippy.


Jenna Menard (Clinique Global Colour Artist) // Jenna joined Clinique in 2011 as their Global Colour Artist, bringing a modern perspective as well as the shared philosophy that makeup should complement the natural beauty of every woman. Jenna is currently the lead makeup artist for Karen Walker and Willow runway shows, and her celebrity clientele includes Kate Winslet and Uma Thurman. Her editorial work has been featured in publications such as Elle and Vogue.
Nicole Thompson (M.A.C. Senior Artist) // Specialising in body art and high-fashion makeup artistry, Nicole’s work can be seen in fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, and fashion shows across Australia, New York, Paris and Milan. “Life is too short to be beige!” is my favourite quote from Nicole. Her passion for exploring colour is evident not only in her personal style but also her versatility in taking a “no rules” approach to makeup artistry.
Kirsten Carriol (Founder of Lanolips) // Inspired by her childhood holidays on a family farm in South Australia, Kirsten founded Lanolips in 2009, making pure medical grade lanolin a must-have beauty item around the world. Since launching the multi-award winning brand, Kirsten has received streams of emails from people who share her love of lanolin, strengthening her belief that it truly is nature’s wonder moisturiser.


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