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Problogger Event 2013: Reflecting on what might be my next chapter


IN THE SPOTLIGHT | by — September 22, 2013

Problogger Event 2013 Darren Rowse

Day 1 opening keynote from Darren Rowse


I’m back from an amazing weekend from the Problogger Training Event, which was held at QT Gold Coast.  Believe it or not, I had hoped to draft this post the day I got back (Sunday), but I got so engrossed in taking action on some of the amazing advice that I ran out of time.

This is my second Problogger Event, and I have to say that I enjoyed this year’s event more than last year.  There was something in the air about this year’s event that made me feel more connected with others (possibly because we were ALL staying in the same hotel), the sessions had great takeaways that were practical and relatively easy to implement, which meant that I came back with a REALLY LONG to do list.  And on top of that – a buzzing energy to take action immediately that I ticked off a few items the moment I got off the plane.

Problogger Event 2013 Beauty Swatch

Clockwise from top left: Amy Porterfield & Trey Ratcliff, taking notes like a pro blogger, Amy Porterfield‘s session on Facebook Marketing, “Step Changers” session by Andrea (Fox in Flats), Caz (YTravelBlog) and Christina (Hair Romance)

 7 tips I took away for my blog

1. Amy Porterfield’s tips changed my whole perspective on Facebook Marketing.

Every single person that attended Amy Porterfield‘s session agreed with me that it was a true eye-opener.  Her session made realise I had only seen the tip of the iceberg all this time & that there was so much more that could be done with Facebook that I was missing out on – Big Time.  I highly recommend visiting her Facebook page and registering for her webinars.   It will change your whole perspective on Facebook, I promise.

2. The sales page for my Pout Perfect book could be improved. By a lot.

I plucked up the courage to have my sales page critiqued by Shayne Tilley in front of hundreds of people.  I can tell you there were many cringe-worthy moments, but his advice (which I got it for free by taking the plunge) was INVALUABLE.  Things that I had forgotten, parked aside and lost perspective on from being so busy.

Key areas of improvement: Remove distractions, keep the wordy bits concise, incorporate a responsive design to avoid losing people along the way, make sure it’s mobile/tablet friendly, and consider offering other methods of payment other than Paypal.

Things Shayne approved: My 5 second Vine video of the book preview, repeated sales buttons, testimonials and author/contributor bios.

Shayne Tilley Problogger 2013

Shayne Tilley giving his critique of my Pout Perfect sales page. There’s my book on the table!

3. “Bloggers Block” is not the same as a block in idea generation.  

Dedicate time to generate ideas, where it’s a particular time of day when you’re most creative, or meet up with others to generate ideas with them.  Case in point – I came up with new blog post ideas during the Problogger Event particularly in the SEO session and when I networked with other bloggers who shared their lipstick experiences.

4. When people purchase products, they’re also purchasing an experience.

I found Ed Dale’s session on product creation really useful, particularly the notion of Venue Theory.  Rather than attempt to explain it, here is a link to a podcast by Ed Dale so you can hear it from the man himself.

5. Success is a series of small steps.  These little steps are the step changers.

The same goes with time.  Small amounts of action over snippets of time add up to something big.  This inspired me to take action on the very Sunday afternoon I got back from the airport, and squeeze in a few emails & text messages during a busy week at work to get the sparks going on my new ideas.

Yishan Chan eBook session Problogger 2013

I’m second on the left! Picture taken at my eBook session with Nicole (Planning with Kids), Brooke (Slow Your Home) and Paul Cunningham (Exchange Server Pro)

6. I was so over SEO until I attended Jim Stewart’s session.

I have read up on numerous articles online about how to improve SEO, but none of these compared a live demo from Jim Stewart on his own WordPress site on the optimal SEO for Page Titles, Image descriptions and “H1” headings.  He shared the tricks and tips he used himself to appear on page 1 in Google Search for “SEO consultant Melbourne” and I’m now inspired to try his techniques to see what impact it has for my blog.

7. If your dream is important to you, immerse yourself in the skills that you want to learn.

As Amy Porterfield said, “You’ll never learn it all, but put aside time to learn if it means getting closer to achieving your dream.”  This really resonated with me & has got me thinking about what other skills I need to grow myself in the next phase of my online presence – both technical (Eg. Adobe InDesign) and tacit skills.

Pro Blogger Event 2013

Clockwise from top left: Ice cream van to recharge our creative juices, ladies at the pool party at The Hilton, business cards from people I met at PBEVENT2013


What I learned about myself

“In order to find your passion, you need to try a bunch of different things to discover the layers within yourself.” – Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff said that a blog is the best self-discovery tool of our age, and it helps you to find new rivers of truth within yourself that you never knew existed until you start exploring them.

This was music to my ears, as I really struggle to define my passion in a single sentence, and often resort to describing it with other words instead (eg. values & experiences).  I also now realise (through my blog) that I have been gravitating towards these experiences, and what seemed like a string of disparate events are in fact steps on a path towards what I’m ultimately chasing.

Before I started Beauty Swatch, I knew that I had a general interest in all things digital (I used to have a Geocities website in my high school years & have been playing with Photoshop since way back when access to the internet was via a 56.k dial up modem.  Then I got curious about social media and blogging and decided if I was going to give it a real go, that I’d be innovative and create content that is meaningful to others.

4 years on,  I have accomplished pretty much what I set out to achieve with this blog, and I still have a few ideas I’d like to see through over the next year.  And to be honest, I have an itch to try my next thing.   Like I said before, I can’t describe it in a single sentence yet.  All I know is that my “next thing” involves my ultimate dream camera.

I still want to achieve a few more things with Beauty Swatch, but in order to pursue my “next thing” it will mean scaling back to focus purely on the things that motivated me to start this blog in the first place.

As Darren Rowse said in his closing keynote, we need to be intentional about achieving our goals – it doesn’t just happen.

“If you keep identifying your next steps and take action, you’ll create the future you dream of. ” – Darren Rowse.

Problogger Event 2013

Clockwise from top left: With Sara-May (Makeup Utopia), Christina (Hair Romance), Brooke (Slow Your Home), Cheryl (Business Chic)

Has blogging helped you realise your passion?

Anyone else have trouble defining their passion in a single sentence?

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  1. fantastic post Yishan! You’ve inspired me so much over the last year, can’t wait to see your next steps. I also feel like I’m still finding my passion. I love what I do but only by doing things do we discover what we really want.

    • Yishan says:

      Thanks Christina! You’ve been an inspiration to me too!! First step is to acquire said camera! I’ve been thinking about it ever since our last catch up in Melb and it’s about time I took some action!

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