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Products that help fade acne scars


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — October 20, 2013

Products that fade acne scars2If you’ve seen my Instagram feed you would have seen the aftermath of recurring breakouts that I’ve been recently suffering from, and the scarring it’s left on my cheeks is taking forever to fade.  I’m still trying to pin down what it is that’s causing it (I suspect a mix of base makeup & stress), but in the mean time I’m taking an “all hands on deck” approach to helping my skin heal while I battle the onset of new spots.

Reduce the size of the acne scar

The first step to  reducing the appearance of acne scars is to prevent the size of the acne from growing bigger than it needs to.  If possible, squeeze the spot to make a small hole & affix a Nexcare 3M Acne Sticker directly over the spot, ensuring it’s applied on clean dry skin that has been disinfected with salt water.  The pus will be extracted and adhere to the sticker over several hours. Repeat if necessary until your skin feels completely flat and no more pus is beneath the skin.  This way, the scar will be much smaller than if you had waited for the spot to grow double its size, as squeezing it then will create a bigger scar that you have to deal with.

I ran out of the Nexcare stickers I got from Watson in China, and re-ordered a batch from Tina (Chasing Elixir) from Taiwan.

Treat the spot with salicylic acid

My latest find is Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9a targeted treatment that slowly releases salicylic acid to the affected area.  It’s a multi-purpose treatment that can be used to unclog pores, fade red marks from breakouts and smooth rough dry patches.   Salicylic acid helps to treat the acne area by preventing further infection and helping the skin heal faster.  I found this to work extremely well in reducing the size of early breakouts, unclog pores and speed up healing time of acne scars.

Fade the scars with a brightening serum

Out of all the brightening skincare ranges I’ve tried, my favourite is the Dermalogica ChromaWhite range as it’s the fastest working range that fades hyperpigmentation on acne scars, provided that you use the C-12 Concentrate serum d together with the Pure Night night cream as the two work really well together in maximising the potency in results.   This time I tried the TRx C-12 Concentrate on its own and the results are less quick, so I resort to adding a AHA serum to my routine to speed up the skin renewal cycle.  Bottom line – best to get the serum and night cream together.

Invest in a good concealer

Especially when I had been going through a “good skin phase” previously, there’s nothing worse than waking up to skin that’s suddenly erupted in breakouts or seeing scars that are taking forever to heal.  Instead of resisting the urge to pile on thicker foundation, keep the rest of the face fresh and invest in a good concealer such as RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact (I’m using “light” #01) that features 2 shades of concealer and 1 loose powder.  It’s long lasting without looking patchy, and gives great coverage.  I find that scars conceal better when you mix the two shades together into a shade that’s a notch darker than your skin tone.  It’s available online at Ichibankao.

My current favourite concealer brush is bare minerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, a soft and flexible synthetic brush that makes concealing wide areas a breeze and blends the concealer into skin seamlessly without sheering it out.  Simply pat on to build coverage and sweep the brush to blend.

What’s your favourite product for treating acne scars?

 Products marked with an asterisk were provided for consideration.  All other products were purchased by me.

5 Responses to “Products that help fade acne scars”

  1. Vicky Nelson says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you have been struggling with your skin, I have gone through a few cycles of acne over the past 5 years so I know how devestating it is. I didn’t discover my Holy Grail concealer until a trip to the US this year – Make Up For Ever’s Full Coverage Concealer. I hated it at first, and thought I had wasted the money but once I worked out how to work with it; the pigmentation is amazing, it never cakes no matter how much you layer it and it is totally waterproof – a must when you live in Queensland!!

    • Yishan says:

      Thanks Vicky! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about MUFE Full Coverage Concealer – it’s definitely on my list. Thankfully my acne scars are half as noticeable as they were, a few more weeks to go & fingers crossed I should be back to normal!

  2. kim says:

    totally know how you feel! I had good skin for the past few years, and then due stress from a new job, I had many breakouts this year! was totally depressed but it is on its way to recovery now….. wishing you all the best!

  3. Marianna K says:

    Hi Yishan, anxious to hear whether this concoction worked on your acne scars? I also recently acquired some red marks from pimples (the monthly type) and my previous Alpha-H Liquid Gold doesn’t seem to work anymore, keen to try yr recommendation! xx

    • Yishan says:

      Hi Marianna, I treat acne scars with 2 phases. For first stage of healing, I use Paula’s Choice AHA 5% as my daily resurfacing treatment. For the second phase (stubborn scars), I rely on Dermalogica’s whitening serum together with their whitening night cream. The serum worked best together with the cream from my experience.

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