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REVLON Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor – Perfect Peony


Lips, NC20, REVLON, Yishan | by — July 20, 2009


Brand: Revlon

Range: Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor (Liquid Lipstick)
Shade: Perfect Peony
Swatched by yours truly: akisa


  • Liquid lipstick – easy to apply. Weird smell at first but it goes away.
  • Hydrating at first, but once dry it remained a little sticky.
  • Doesn’t kiss off unless you apply lip balm beforehand.

Today’s swatch post is going to be pic heavy, since I wanted to put this product to the test under all conditions..

Day 1
Fresh application.
No lip balm or gloss.
Once dried, it looked like matte satin finish.
Doesn’t kiss off.

After dinner.
Coverage still there but a bit on the dry side. Lines accentuated 🙁

If I don’t smile, you can see it made my lip lines so DEEP..
A little gloss helped but not that much..

Day 1 Verdict
Aside from the gorgeous pink colour (which I love so much), this product failed for me in terms of what it promised to deliver. Coverage? Yes. Hydration, Not Enough.
I had to rejuvenate my lips for a whole day with excessive lip balm & gloss to get it back in swatch condition.

Day 2 – With Balm & Gloss
After failing abismally on Day 1’s test, I decided to give it a second go by boosting it with lip balm and gloss. Lots of it.

Fresh application with lip balm & translucent pink gloss
I love this color!!

After food & drink…
Product kisses off since there was lip balm preventing the liquid lipstick to dry on the lips
Gloss kept the lips hydrated but where it went, the color went with it too.
Lips stayed slightly pink.

Day 2 – Verdict

Performance – Not happy. Product made lips dry & smelt weird.

Color – Perfect Peony is the perfect pink indeed~

Ease of Application – Liquid lipstick is harder to apply than I thought, since it slides everywhere, compared to lipgloss which is more viscous.

Convenience – I was so paranoid about my lips getting dry that I can imagine myself touching up with gloss frequently. Which defeats the whole purpose of getting Long-wearing lipstick. The whole point is that you Don’t Need To Touch Up?

This product is not going to be in my bridal makeup bag.. that’s for sure.

The colour is the only thing I like about it.. so I will force myself to keep using this until I can’t stand it anymore~ T.T

2 Responses to “REVLON Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor – Perfect Peony”

  1. Miss.Friendz says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. I have this colour stay lippie too, and me don't like it.

  2. Shanghainese Dumpling says:

    Thanks for the review 🙂 very in detail… yeah over drying is one big problem for colour stay lip products.

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