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LANCOME Rouge in Love – Midnight Rose #377 – Reviews, Photos, Swatches

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LANCOME, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — March 27, 2013

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Brand: Lancome
Range: Rouge in Love
Shade: Midnight Rose #377
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Please welcome my FOURTH shade from the Rouge in Love range, Midnight Rose
  • I chose Midnight Rose as it is unlike any other shade I own, a sophisticated fuchsia pink with a magenta twist.  Plus I was told it was the top selling shade at Lancome Australia’s Myer counter in Melbourne.
  • What drove me to own 4 shades of Rouge in Love (3 out of which were purchased) is the fusion of a featherlight texture and long-wearing pigment that stays vibrant even hours later. It also melts on application, giving lips long lasting moisture and a juicy shine.
  • Available in 21 shades, the collection is categorised into three groups Jolis Matins (fresh shades for daytime wear), Boudoir Time (pop shades for cocktail hour), and Tonight is My Night (deep shades for night wear) to make it easier to decide on a shade.
  • Other shades I’ve swatched: #340 “Rose Boudoir”, #163 “Dans ses Bras”, and #159 “Rouge in Love”.
  • Verdict: I highly recommend it to bold lippy lovers for 3 reasons – (1) It’s a unique twist to the shades people normally expect with a statement lip.  (2) It looks flattering on both fair and warm skin tones (as seen on both Molly & Jess “Miss Shopaholic”), and (3) Great for those who are shy about a fuchsia pink lip and need a sophisticated shade to pull it off.   With 4 shades now under my belt I feel content, especially ending on a high with Midnight Rose.  I wonder which lipstick range will be the next that I start my next collection on…

I purchased this product.

TOM FORD Lipstick – Aphrodisiac – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, TOM FORD, Yishan | by — December 17, 2012


Brand: Tom Ford
Range: Lipstick
Shade: Aphrodisiac
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Aphrodisiac is described as a ‘vivid and saturated shade of magenta-rose‘, and is one of the new lipstick shades featured in the Fall 2012 limited edition collection.
  • The new Tom Ford Lipsticks (black & gold packaging) are an improved formula from the previous version (white & gold) – a lot more moisturising, ultra creamy and feels soft and plush.
  • The intense pigment & pliable texture makes it effortless to achieve a precise bold lip even when applying directly from the bullet as it glides evenly across the lip surface.
  • The pigment is so finely milled that it does an amazing job at filling in all the lip crevices without needing a lip brush to blend, and takes several times to remove all the pigment completely from lips.
  • Unlike the previous formula, you no longer need to use a lip balm beforehand, as it’s moisturising enough on its own.
  • Lasting power is moderate, and fades from a vivid fuchsia pink into a softer muted / diffused finish after a few hours.
  • Verdict: You know how much I love my blue-toned lipsticks, as it makes my neutral fair skin tone really pop.  This is my new favourite pink lipstick that ticks all the boxes – sophisticated pigment, luxurious formula, moisturising, plush and most of all – does an amazing job of whitening teeth.

RRP: $65 AUD

This product was provided for consideration.

OCC Lip Tar – Pretty Boy – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


LIP GLOSS, Lips, NC20, OCC, Yishan | by — November 27, 2012


Brand: OCC
Range: Lip Tar
Shade: Pretty Boy
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • OCC lip tars are ultra saturated in colour, and combine the longevity of a lipstick with the ease of application of a gloss.
  • Applies slick and moist, drying down to a satin finish that’s surprisingly lightweight despite its highly opaque appearance.
  • Made with simple formula that contains hemp oil, peppermint oil, Vitamin E.
  • Does not contain petroleum, parabens, silicone and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Each lip bar comes with a vinyl pouch and a mini lip brush.  All you need is a small drop & use the brush for precise application – a little goes a VERY LONG WAY.
  • Pretty Boy is a hot pink / fuchsia.
  • Tip: To prevent feathering, apply the bulk of the product within the main areas of the lip, using only what’s left on the brush to define the lip edges to prevent feathering.
  • Verdict: It’s not hard to see why OCC Lip Tars are much loved by so many, with its amazing colour pay off and versatility.  Just a tiny dot on your lip brush will give you a medium coverage stain, whilst another dot or two and you get an opaque lip.  Personally I prefer the stain finish as it’s less prone to transferring & I also like how the diffused effect counter-balances with such a strong colour.

I applied a generous layer for maximum effect, but in reality I’d apply only a quarter of this amount for a fuchsia stain.

I purchased this product.

ARTDECO Art Couture Lipstick Velvet (Dita Von Teese Classics Collection) – 637 & 645

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ARTDECO, Lips, LIPSTICK, NW15, Vesna | by — November 21, 2012

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Brand: Art Deco
Range: Art Couture Lipstick Velvet (Dita Von Teese Classics Collection)
Shade: 637
Swatched by the lovely: Vesna

Extra-smooth, soft lip texture with sensual shine

The Art Couture Lipstick velvet in the matte collection contains the perfect shade for any woman. The unbeatable new generation of lipsticks offers seductive, sensuous, rich colors that are combined with feminine elegance and softness. There is an ideal balance between long durability, complete opacity and satiny color quality. High pigmented color creations tie together with intense luminosity and depth of the color. The silicon-free texture of cadelilla, bees and carnauba wax protect the lips.

“Classic red lips are always the height of glamour, and the most chic beauty statement a woman can make!” Dita Von Teese

  • Visit Vesna’s blog to read her in-depth review of this lipstick range!
  • Thanks Vesna for the gorgeous swatch!

Shade 637 is on the right



(L-R): 637, 645, Lip Lacquer #28, Lip Liner #15


ILLAMASQUA Lipstick – Eurydice

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Lips, LIPSTICK, NW15, Vesna | by — October 29, 2012


Brand: Illamasqua
Range: Lipstick
Shade: Eurydice
Swatched by the lovely: Vesna (our newest contributor from Beauty Addict, from Croatia!)

  • Illamasqua lipsticks are intense in pigment with a choice of finishes from creamy matte to iridescent. Glides smoothly with exceptional lasting power.
  • Vesna’s blog is in English, click through to read her detailed review of this lipstick!
  • Thanks Vesna for this gorgeous swatch!