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TOM FORD Lip Lacquer – Pink Lust – Review, Photos, Swatches


LIP GLOSS, Lips, NC20, TOM FORD, Yishan | by — October 24, 2013


Brand: Tom Ford
Range: Lip Lacquer
Shade: Pink Lust (limited edition)
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • The 2013 Summer Collection features shades that make skin look like they’re bathed in sunset light with a sultry and sublime glow, with delicate pearl tones of pink, nude and peach.
  • Pink Lust is a light pink enriched with golden pearls that can be worn on its own (for a sheer pink golden veil), or layered over pink beige or nude lipsticks for a sensual sheen.
  • Despite being labelled as a “lip lacquer”, the texture is very lightweight, smooth and non-sticky.
  • Verdict: This is my second Tom Ford Lip Lacquer, and I much prefer the pink tones in this compared to the pure gold one I received last Spring, as it’s more versatile and looks more natural than a golden shimmer.  This lip lacquer is definitely for the nude lipstick aficionados.  For the same price, I’d rather go for Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Glosses as they’re much more pigmented and better suited to wearing on their own.

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer - Pink Lust 1

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Pink Lust Reviews Photos Swatches Beauty Swatch


 Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Pink Lust Reviews Photos Swatches Beauty Swatch


RRP: $65 AUD

This product was provided for consideration.

RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, RIMMEL, Yishan | by — August 8, 2013

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Brand: Rimmel 芮谜
Range: Apocalips Lip Lacquer
Shades: Star Gazer, Phenomenon, Nude Eclipse, Solstice, Celestial, Nova, Apocalips, Stellar
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Apocalips Lip Lacquer combines the intense colour of a lipstick with a smooth lacquer-like shine, with a luscious liquid packed with pure colour pigments.
  • Creamy, conditioning texture with full opaque coverage that sits comfortably and is long lasting.  Immediately transforms dry lips to a moist lacquer finish.
  • Available in 9 shades – Apocaliptic 303 is the shade worn by Kate Moss in the campaign.
  • The applicator features an in-built reservoir (similar to YSL Glossy Stain) helping the lip lacquer to glide on easily and coats lips evenly, so you won’t get any gloopy finish with accidental over-application.
  • Tendency to smear on teeth if you apply it too perfectly in inner sections of your lips.  I recommend applying a small amount & blotting with a tissue.
  • Verdict: Really impressed with this range for a number of reasons – firstly, the nude and gold shades completely concealed my lip tone without any streaks or patches.  With a flushed lip tone like mine this is a real treat!  Secondly, the texture is not only soft and comfortable but is also conditioning and adds volume to dry tired lips.  The only drawback is that the staying power didn’t last on me and the centre of the lips wears off while eating, leaving a ring of liquid lipstick.  For this reason (and the tendency to smudge on teeth), my favourite shades are the lowest maintenance ones – Celestial and Solstice.

RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer Beauty Swatch

RRP: $15.95 AUD available in Australia at Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected Coles and Woolworths and pharmacies.

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MANHATTAN High Shine Lipgloss -19W, 23G, 35T, 52S, 46S

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BlueBell, LIP GLOSS, Lips, MANHATTAN, NC10 | by — September 11, 2012

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Brand: Manhattan
Range: High Shine Lipgloss
Shades: 19W, 23G, 35T, 52S, 46S
Swatched by the lovely: Bluebell

  • Bluebell describes the High Shine Glosses as really good quality, non sticky with a lustrous shine that has a decent lasting power.
  • Thanks Bluebell for the lovely swatches! 







AB Makeup Liquid Lustre – Desire


AB Makeup, LIP GLOSS, Lips, NC20, Yishan | by — August 9, 2012


Brand: AB Makeup
Range: Liquid Lustre
Shade: Desire
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Further to yesterday’s swatch of AB Makeup Micro Bubble Lipstick in “Micro Mandarin”, today I have Liquid Lustre in “Desire” which brings the sheer peachy creamy lipstick to life.
  • Available in 8 shades, Desire is a sheer peachy golden gloss that is the perfect finishing touch over a peachy or nude lip base – be it lipstick or lip pencil.
  • The lip gloss texture is very silky smooth & with absolutely no stickiness or tackiness at all.
  • Whilst the website says it’s a plumping gloss, I don’t feel any tingle but my lips do appear to be re-shaped slightly.   There are no smoothing effects on lip lines.
  • The taste is neutral, like the taste of the gloss formula rather than a deliberate attempt to create a signature scent.
  • Verdict: Whilst I love the pretty peachy golden shimmers and how it brings  a nude lipstick to life, for the formula to excite me it would need to do a better job of sculpting and smoothing lip lines. 

The swatch below is of the gloss on its own.

Lip swatch is of the gloss layered over AB Makeup Micro Bubble Lipstick in “Micro Mandarin”

RRP: $27 AUD

Available online.

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BECCA Glossy Lip Tint – Bellini, Amaretto, Daiquiri – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


BECCA, LIP GLOSS, Lips, NC20, Yishan | by — August 6, 2012

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Brand: Becca
Range: Glossy Lip Tint
Shades: Bellini, Amaretto, Daiquiri
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Translucent colour with a super fine shimmers, Becca Glossy Lip Tints are smooth, non-sticky and high in shine
  • Scented with a hint of strawberry parfait
  • Available in 19 shades, I was offered to try Bellini (sheer gold shimmer), Amaretto (neutral rosy nude) and Daquiri (peach pink shimmer).
  • The three shades were only subtly different once on my lips, with Daquiri giving the most visible peachy shimmer tint.
  • Verdict: This lipgloss will appeal to those who share Becca’s beauty philosophy centered on the “natural, flawless look”.  For more colour payoff, I suggest checking out the more vibrant shades in the range such as Maraschino (watermelon red) and Fuchsia Crush.

Click to enlarge lip swatches

RRP: $42 AUD

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