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LANCOME Rouge in Love – Midnight Rose #377 Review, Photos, Swatches


LANCOME, Lips, LIPSTICK, NW15, Vesna | by — October 11, 2013


Brand: Lancome
Range: Rouge in Love
Shade: Midnight Rose 377
Swatched by the lovely: Vesna

  • Midnight Rose appears as a beautiful matte fuchsia on Vesna’s lips (which are blessed without needing any lip balm), and her skintone is NW15 with a pale lip tine.
  • To view this shade on my NC20 skintone with a flushed lip tone, click here
  • Vesna’s verdict on the Rouge in Love formula is that it lasted a minimum of 6 hours, faded gracefully without feathering and is non-drying.
  • Thanks Vesna for the lovely swatch! 

lancome_rougeinlove_377n_midnightrose_01_zps725a8f86  lancome_rougeinlove_377n_midnightrose_05_zpsbd24c5ab


MAYBELLINE Color Whisper – Review, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, MAYBELLINE, NC20, Yishan | by — September 25, 2013

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Brand: Maybelline
Range: Color Whisper
Shades: Petal Rebel, Oh La Lilac, Pink Possibilities, Who Wore It Red-er, One Size Fits Pearl, Lust for Blush, Orange Attitude, Mad for Magenta
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Maybelline Color Whispers are a sheer lipstick with a translucent gel formula that doesn’t contain heavy waxes or oils.
  • They’re ultra lightweight and glide smoothly leaving a moist sheen.
  • Despite the moist gel formula, I didn’t find this moisturising enough for my dry lips and needed to prep lips with lip balm first for a smoother finish.  I also disagree with comparison that these are similar to Revlon Lip Butters as the latter is much more buttery with a smoother finish than Color Whisper.
  • On my flushed lip tone, the paler shades appeared streaky and accentuated my lip flaws.  Whereas the darker shades like Mad for Magenta and Who Wore It Red-er  gave my lips a punchy popsicle tint.  Orange Attitude is a wearable sheer orange, and Lust for Blush will appeal to those that love their MLBB’s.
  • Verdict: If I have to choose one shade to try from this range, it would be Mad for Magenta as it’s a really easy-to-wear magenta that looks good even when sheer & slightly “undone”.  The 8 shades featured in this post are the only shades available in Australia, but Berry Ready is another shade I recommend (available overseas) trying if magenta is not your thing.

MAYBELLINE Color Whisper

Apologies I had only photographed 7 out of 8 in the above pic…

Swatched over lip balm.

Maybeline Color Whisper Petal Rebel Oh La Lilac Pink Possibilities Mad for Magenta

Maybelline Color Whisper One Size Fits Pearl Lust for blush Orange Attitude Who Whore it Reder

Maybelline Color Whisper Petal Rebel Oh la Lilac Pink Possibilities Mad for Magenta

Maybelline Color Whisper One Size Fits Pearl Lust for Blush Orange Attitude Who Wore It Reder

RRP: $14.95 AUD  (Currently on sale at Priceline)

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LANCOME Rouge in Love – Midnight Rose #377 – Reviews, Photos, Swatches

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LANCOME, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — March 27, 2013

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Brand: Lancome
Range: Rouge in Love
Shade: Midnight Rose #377
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Please welcome my FOURTH shade from the Rouge in Love range, Midnight Rose
  • I chose Midnight Rose as it is unlike any other shade I own, a sophisticated fuchsia pink with a magenta twist.  Plus I was told it was the top selling shade at Lancome Australia’s Myer counter in Melbourne.
  • What drove me to own 4 shades of Rouge in Love (3 out of which were purchased) is the fusion of a featherlight texture and long-wearing pigment that stays vibrant even hours later. It also melts on application, giving lips long lasting moisture and a juicy shine.
  • Available in 21 shades, the collection is categorised into three groups Jolis Matins (fresh shades for daytime wear), Boudoir Time (pop shades for cocktail hour), and Tonight is My Night (deep shades for night wear) to make it easier to decide on a shade.
  • Other shades I’ve swatched: #340 “Rose Boudoir”, #163 “Dans ses Bras”, and #159 “Rouge in Love”.
  • Verdict: I highly recommend it to bold lippy lovers for 3 reasons – (1) It’s a unique twist to the shades people normally expect with a statement lip.  (2) It looks flattering on both fair and warm skin tones (as seen on both Molly & Jess “Miss Shopaholic”), and (3) Great for those who are shy about a fuchsia pink lip and need a sophisticated shade to pull it off.   With 4 shades now under my belt I feel content, especially ending on a high with Midnight Rose.  I wonder which lipstick range will be the next that I start my next collection on…

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ESTEE LAUDER Pure Colour Gloss – Electric Violet


ESTEE LAUDER, LIP GLOSS, Lips, NC20, Yishan | by — April 27, 2011

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Brand: Estee Lauder
Range: Pure Colour Gloss
Shade: Electric Violet
Swatched by yours truly: akisa

  • Launched as part of the “Pure Colour Wild Violet Makeup Collection” by Tom Pecheux, inspired by the block colour trends
  • Available in 4 new shades – Electric Violet, Electric Coral, Electric Pink & Electric Cherry.
  • As with all Pure Color glosses, I highly rate the formula for those seeking understated & sophisticated shine with just enough colour that doesn’t slide around.
  • Verdict: Electric Violet looks bold in the tube but sheer when worn alone.  On the up side, the mid tone violet shade is wearable for all skin tones and lip tones.

ESTEE LAUDER Electric Violet

ESTEE LAUDER Electric Violet

ESTEE LAUDER Electric Violet
The finish is characteristic of the signature Pure Colour Gloss formula.

ESTEE LAUDER Electric Violet

RRP: $40 AUD

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