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MAC Lipstick – Riri Woo – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, MAC, NC20, Yishan | by — July 23, 2013

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Brand: MAC
Range: Lipstick
Shade: Riri Woo (Retro Matte)
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • “Riri Woo” is Rihanna’s take on the cult shade “Ruby Woo”, remixed by Rihanna herself.  The lipstick sold out in the US in the first 4 hours!
  • I don’t have Ruby Woo to compare (now I’m really regretting giving it away!), but there are many online reviews out there that claim they are very similar.
  • It’s a cool toned retro red in a matte finish and incredibly densely pigmented.  On my skintone it’s a deep ruby red and not as vibrant as it appears on other blogger’s skin tones.
  • Available as an online-exclusive & embossed with a “Riri” signature.
  • I find MAC lipsticks drying on me, so I have swatched it the way I would normally wear it – ie. over a long lasting lip balm which gives it a softer finish.
  • Verdict:  If you love the “Mad Men” retro look and are a fan of MAC makeup, you will like MAC Riri Woo.  Personally, I like my matte reds with a more luxurious texture, such as Burberry Lip Velvet and YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick.

MAC Riri Woo (Retro Matte) Beauty Swatch

Swatched over a layer of Mecca Lip De-luscious.

RRP: $36 AUD available exclusively online at www.maccosmetics.com.au

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RIMMEL Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, RIMMEL, Yishan | by — May 7, 2013

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Brand: Rimmel 芮谜
Range: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick
Shades: 107, 111, 113
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • Further to my other Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick swatches (Part 1 and Part 2), today I have the Matte Lipstick which comes in a total 6 matte shades in a new matte red packaging.
  • Formulated with Ruby Powder, the velvety matte finish is incredibly lightweight and flexible, making it comfortable to wear.  It does grip well to the lip surface, which means you get a richly pigmented seamless coverage, but the “character” of your lips stays visible with no particular smoothing effects other than the diffused matte finish.
  • Out of the 6 shades available I received 3 shades – 107 (deep red), 111 (rich red) and 113 (nude).  In real life, shade 111 (rich red) is a richer red closer to how it looks on the tube, as opposed to a bright red which the swatches suggest.
  • The formula is non-drying & looks much softer when applied on moisturised lips, or on top of a moisturising lip stain.   I only swatched 2 shades as I wasn’t so lucky with the nude shade 113, which clashed with my lip tone & accentuated every little lip flaw, even flakes I didn’t even know I had.  Therefore I only recommend the nude shade if you have a pale lip tone & no issues with dry lips.
  • Long lasting rich pigments that fade gracefully
  • Verdict: The matte red lip trend is here to stay, so if you’re looking to add a matte shade or two to your lipstick wardrobe that won’t break your wallet I recommend trying Rimmel Kate Moss’s matte lipstick range.  It’s pigmented enough that you only need a lip brush – no lip liner required.

Swatched over a layer of Nivea Lip Butter.

RRP: $12.95 AUD

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TOM FORD Jasmine Rouge Lip Color Collection – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, TOM FORD, Yishan | by — March 26, 2013

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Brand: Tom Ford
Range: Jasmin Rouge Lip Color Collection
Shades: Cherry shades – Slander (pearl), Narcotic Rouge (matte).  Crimson shades – Reckless (pearl), Diabolique (matte)
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

  • When Tom Ford re-launched their lipstick line in the now-signature mahogany brown & gold cases, one of the first things I noticed was the limited choice of red lipsticks in the range.
  • Fast forward to today, and I’m pleased to unveil the limited edition of four red shades, inspired by the decadent and voluptuous fragrance of Jasmin Rouge.
  • The collection features 2 shades of cherry redSlander (pearl) and Narcotic (matte), and 2 shades of crimsonReckless (pearl) and Diabolique (matte)
  • As with the re-formulated Tom Ford lipsticks, they apply as though they were luxurious lingerie with unparalleled pigment with a soft, smooth & moisturised finish that’s long lasting.
  • The difference in shades and finishes look subtle from looking at the bullet, and are only revealed once on lips.
  • Verdict: Unlike other brands, Tom Ford’s interpretation of pearl finish is more of a subtle sheen making it more alluring under light.  Despite being a die-hard matte lippy lover, there’s something about the combination of the luscious rich red & sheen that makes my heart lean slightly towards Slander, and I’d reserve Narcotic Rouge for days I want my lips to pop. Reckless and Diabolique are more suited to warmer skin tones – the former is lovely neutral warm red suitable for daytime, and the latter great for amping it up for a night out.  A must-try if you’re serious about red lips.

Narcotic Rouge is a bright matte blue red.  Slander is a decadent classic red with a subtle pearl sheen.

Both Reckless and Diabolique are warmer, richer reds.  The pearl finish in Reckless softens the warmth in the shade, making it great for everyday wear.


RRP: $65 AUD

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BURBERRY Lip Velvet – Fuchsia Pink #309 – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


BURBERRY, Lips, LIPSTICK, NC20, Yishan | by — January 28, 2013

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Brand: Burberry
Range: Lip Velvet
Shade: Fuchsia Pink #309
Swatched by yours truly:

  • Burberry Lip Velvet has a fabric-like semi-matte finish with a comfortable moisturising formula that’s lightweight.
  • Whilst it’s densely pigmented, the overall finish comes across as demure due to the diffused effect, making lips look “lived in”.  It affects not only the main lip surface but also the lip lines so if you prefer a more polished edge, I recommend using a lip line to create crisper lines.
  • The packaging also comes in a matte finish compared to the glossy packaging of Lip Mists & Lip Covers.
  • Fuchsia Pink is not at all what I expected a shade of such a name to be – it turned out to be a rich cool toned red against my fair neutral skin tone.  The cool tones are not overbearing, making this shade versatile for all skin tones, as long as it’s a red you’re looking for.
  • Doesn’t accentuate lip lines & has no discernible taste.
  • It’s not overly matte or drying, but not moisturising enough to wear without hydrated lips so I recommend prepping lips with lip balm & removing excess once absorbed before applying Lip Velvet.
  • Verdict: The diffused effect of Lip Velvet makes this formula perfect for everyday or casual outings.   Recommended for those that want a softer wearable matte lip with a demure yet sophisticated finish.
  • Link Love: Check out Messy Wand’s swatch of the entire shade range here.

Swatched over a layer of lip balm.


I purchased this product.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture The Mats – Rose Crazy #202 – Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Lips, LIPSTICK, NC25, Yishan, YVES SAINT LAURENT | by — January 23, 2013

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Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
Range: Rouge Pur Couture The Mats
Shade: Rose Crazy #202
Swatched by yours truly: Yishan

The must have for the perfect matte lip look.

  • Launched in Fall 2012, YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats lipsticks are incredibly plush, creamy & velvety that glides on decadently with a lot of grip.
  • Intensely vibrant pigment with a diffused finish that makes my lips look extra-dimensional & a lot fuller.
  • Comfortable & not at all drying, thanks to jojoba oil for long lasting comfort.
  • Available only in 6 shades (mostly red & wine), but depending on your location the shades stocked on counters seem to vary.
  • Rose Crazy #202 is a blue red, and the brightest red of all.
  • For best results, avoid applying lip balm beforehand (you won’t need it) for a plush matte finish.
  • Long lasting & stays put, meaning it won’t easily smudge on teeth or transfer onto cups.
  • Despite being matte, amazingly it doesn’t accentuate lip lines – it actually DIFFUSES their appearance!!
  • Once set, you don’t actually feel anything on your lips, and there’s no discernible taste either.
  • Verdict: The blue red really pops in real life / natural lighting than the photo suggests.  This has got to be my favourite HG “red carpet” red lipstick.  It achieves that high definition velvet pillowy lips that you typically see in editorials / runways.

(Image Source: YSL Beauty UK)

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