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Unconventional Nude Lip Tutorial


HOW TO | by — January 31, 2013


Whilst killing time one day at the Shiseido beauty counter playing with their Lacquer Rouges, I couldn’t help notice the Asian Sales Assistant’s amazing pink-nude lip, which completely concealed her dark lips (so I am told). Fascinated, I asked her which Shiseido lip products she used to create & was even more surprised when she revealed the answer.

She had layered on a pink beige lipstick from the Perfect Rouge range over a nude Lacquer Rouge – a combination and sequence I had never come across or would ever dream of.

Suddenly realising I was running out of time, I purchased the exact same shades of both Perfect Rouge & Lacquer Rouge (in Australian prices too *shudder*) without even trying it on my lips, relying only the swatches on the back of my hands.  It was a big risk, but I figured it was worth it given she had a similar skin tone to mine.

You could argue that you really only need one of the two products.  The Lacquer Rouge (RD203) is a beautiful nude lip in its own right with amazing coverage, but isn’t actually that long lasting given the moist finish is prone to transfer.  The Perfect Rouge lipstick (PK307) is a beautiful pink beige but isn’t opaque enough and doesn’t provide even coverage over pigmented lips.

The two combined however, create a long lasting, high coverage and moisturising creamy pink nude lip that’s softer than a pure nude lip.  Try this combo at your Shiseido counter if you get a chance!

Unconventional Nude Lip Tutorial

1.  Layer on a moderate layer of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (RD203).  I used a thicker layer for photography, but you only really need a moderate amount – not too thin, just enough to provide an emollient surface for the lipstick to hold onto.

2. Immediately layer on Shiseido Perfect Rouge (PK307) on top of the Lacquer Rouge for best results.  Layering it on immediately will ensure the two textures will fuse together creating a seamless finish.

3. Touch up during the day with Perfect Rouge, or start afresh after wiping down your lips after a meal.

Have you got an unconventional nude lip tip to share?

What do you think of  Shiseido Lacquer Rouge?

7 Responses to “Unconventional Nude Lip Tutorial”

  1. Ooooh interesting, but makes for a really lovely lip! Wants that Lacquer Rouge! Lol at the *shudder*

  2. great tip! and u have such beautiful lips, as creepy as that sounds. So smooth & supple

  3. Marianthi says:

    Lovely combination! I may have to try that soon.

  4. Jane says:

    I’ve never thought about applying a lipstick over a liquid lipstick…interesting. I’ll try it out, thank you for the idea. This looks gorgeous on you!

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  6. Great tip. Love to try it more

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