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What is your favourite lip balm texture?


BEAUTY, Beauty Articles, Featured | by — April 29, 2013


Whilst I constantly get asked questions about what my favourite lip balm is, my favourite questions are those that are more specific and gives me clues on what type of product you’d like me to recommend.

Which lip balm do you recommend under lipstick? – for example, is a great question that tells me you are looking for a lip balm that moisturises but has minimal slip for lipstick to apply evenly.  Unfortunately, most times I simply get asked “What is your favourite lip balm?” which leaves little clues about the concern you have, or the texture you are looking for.

Everyone has a lip balm texture they prefer over others.  Some like their lip balms to feel like a salve, some like it to have a little “slip” whilst others like it weightless.

As for me, I like lip balms with pliable textures like medical grade lanolin with no added ingredients (eg. waxes, petroleum jelly) as my lips absorb lip balm so quickly that I want to be able to re-apply without having any waxy or petroleum residue from the last application.  Also I need something really rich yet pure to soothe my lips that are very prone to dryness and stimulate cell turnover.

And if you ask me broad questions like “What is your favourite lip balm?“, I’ll most likely recommend lip balms that fit the above description because after all they are my personal favourites.  And it doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t recommend other lip balms to people.

Before I write up my sequel post on my recommendations for different textures of lip balms, I’d love to know what kind of texture you look for in a lip balm.

Do you like your lip balm rich or lightweight?

Buttery or slippery?

Does packaging matter to you?

8 Responses to “What is your favourite lip balm texture?”

  1. Elsie says:

    I like my lip balms rich and buttery because my lips get dry. I don’t like pots (e.g. Korres) because when I dig into it, it gets under my nails. I love Lanolips and prefer a tube or a stick.

  2. Ellos says:

    Packaging definitely matters. I will never buy lip balm in pots. As for texture, I like rich creamy buttery texture that leaves a bit of sheen. Just a bit though. I don’t like lip balms that completely disappear. I also LOVE tinted lip balm.

  3. Shirley says:

    I buy sticks and tubes.
    Therer so many good lip balms that I like but never bought them coz they r in tubs or pots. Texture really matters to me but at the right…
    *while going to d bed I would like rich creamy lipbalms.
    * Under the lipstick, my lipbalm should have no slip yet hydrating.
    * If I have decided to wear only lipbalm all through d day n no lipstick then my lipbalm should have Tint, SPF n light sheen.

  4. Emy says:

    I prefer my lip balms rich and moisturizing, since I have very dry lips. However, I dislike it when the lip balm is too buttery and leaves a sheen; I much prefer something mattifying on my lips. And though I do prefer a tube, if a lip balm works, I don’t mind using a pot.

  5. Georgie says:

    I prefer a tube or stick and I like it to be slippery and thin. I hate it when I apply lip balm in the evening then when I go to wash my face I get a sticky chin and jaw because I’ve smeared water-resistant gunk all over my face

  6. Beauty Box says:

    Ooo…I would def have to choose rich, buttery, in a tube for when I sleep. Though for day time when I wear lipstick, I prefer something lightweight and not too slippery. I sometimes like glossy lip balms to make my lipstick more moisturizing.

  7. Shanti says:

    Whatever FRESH’s balm texture is, I loooove. And the smell is to-die for too. I love how rich it is, and it doesn’t feel like it dries off quickly. I always prefer a tube packaging.

  8. kerker says:

    I like tubes and sticks too.Texture wise, buttery but not sticky. I don’t like hair sticking onto my lips.

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