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{WHICH LIPPY} Swallows


WHICH LIPPY | by — January 17, 2013

Dress: ASOS  | Lipsticks: Lancome | Sunglasses:  Rayban | Jewellery:  Gorjana  | Bag: Cambridge

Usually when one pairs red lipstick with black dresses, one is most likely going for the classic or vintage look. But there’s something about this swallow print skater dress that makes even a red lipstick look relaxed.   But add a brown satchel & gold necklace & the idea of a soft rose lip is tempting.   Depending on the colour of your sunglasses, a coral and pink lip not only balances out the colour of your frames but is also an instant mood lifter.

Which lippy would you pair with this dress?

Red, fuchsia, rose or coral?

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2 Responses to “{WHICH LIPPY} Swallows”

  1. kerker says:

    I think I would pair it with the Rose lippie.

  2. Marianthi says:

    I would go with fuchsia. I think it would balance the bold colour of the dress.
    Not too bright to be striking, nor too light to appear washed-out.

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